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Sebamed Colour Care Shampoo

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Sebamed Colour Care Shampoo 200ml

Sebamed Colour Care Shampoo supports and protects the natural barrier function of the scalp's acid mantle. It stabilizes the hair structure with the pH value of 5.5.

    * For coloured, stressed hair and sensitive scalp.
    * Gentle cleansing - intensive care.
    * Gives shine and brilliance.
    * Calms stressed scalp.
    * Free from silicon oils.
    * 100% soap and alkali-free.
    * pH 5.5 and dermatologically tested.

Sebamed Colour Care Shampoo is indicated for coloured, stressed hair and sensitive scalp.

The efficacy of Sebamed Colour Care Shampoo is based on a gentle glycoside cleansing compound and active intensive care ingredients of the Sebamed Hydro-Balancing Complex containing a moisturising natural starch derivative combined with a wheat microprotein to counteract the dryness of hair and scalp. Lipid crystals and the UV filter form an ultra-fine protective and shine-enhancing film on the hair shaft, ensuring long lasting colour brilliance.

Hair colouration is an oxidizing process using hydrogen peroxide or ammonia as an activator to open the cuticle of the hair to remove or penetrate colour pigments into the hair shaft. During the processing time free-radicals are generated, which attack the scalp and shaft. Skin irritations are a common side effect. Colouring stresses the hair structure making the hair dry and dull.

Sebamed Colour Care Shampoo with its pH value of 5.5 and the moisturising wheat protein Hydro-Balancing Complex calms your stressed hair and scalp and restores the hair's structure for the shiny brilliance of your hair.

Sebamed Colour Care Shampoo is for daily hair care.


Wet your hair, work a small quantity of shampoo into a lather in the palms of your hands. Wash the hair massaging the scalp gently and leave in for 2 minutes, allowing the active ingredients to be absorbed by the scalp

Regular application of Sebamed Colour Care Shampoo over several weeks will lead to visible results: The scalp is less stressed, as the acid mantle is stabilised enhancing the barrier function. The well-protected hair structure has a shiny brilliance.

Free from silicon oils.
100% soap and alkali-free

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