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A natural and hormone-free support for women during menopause and peri-menopause!

Remifemin is uniquely natural, medical-strength supplement free of hormones clinically-tested for its strong efficacy and suitability. It helps restore hormonal balance and give solutions to menopausal problems. Backed by scientific research, it supports women’s health during menopause and peri-menopause and may even be taken by breast cancer patients. It features a unique formulation designed to suit the needs of women as they enter a critical phase in their lives.

Remifemin acts as a natural hormone free menopause support proven by scientific studies as suitable for women with breast cancer. It is also a natural remedy for menopause and peri-menopause concerns. Research has shown that the medication is proven effective and safe to use.

Clinical Studies

Remifemin is manufactured by Schaper & Brümmer which has over 70 years expertise on the field of phyto-pharmacuetical products. In May 2005, a peer review journal was published detailing the efficacy of Remifemin in managing menopause of 304 women participants. In January 2007, studies revealed that Remifemin promotes natural healthy breast tissues. This herbal product contains the active ingredient from Black cohosh to ensure potency and safety of use.

Remifemin provides a natural support by doing the following:
  • Relieving menopausal symptoms
  • Maintaining proper internal temperatures
  • Alleviating irritation and stress
  • Improving mood balance
  • Addressing critical problems
  • Assists the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in natural hormone production
Remifemin features:
  • May be taken with oral contraceptive pills
  • Produces no contraindications
  • Hormone free
  • Does not contain red clover or soy extracts
  • Suitable for women of all ages
  • Results appear in 2 to 3 weeks for some women and around 5 to 6 weeks in others
  • May used longterm
  • No hormonal like side effects

Dosage: 2 (x 1) Tablets per day. 1 tablet in the
morning, 1 tablet in the evening, or as prescribed
by your healthcare professional. Tablets to be taken
daily with cold water, do not chew or suck. For
perimenopausal women Remifemin
can be started
at any time during the menstrual cycle.


Active ingredient: native dry extract (DER 6-11:1) from Cimicifugae racemosae rhizoma 2.5 mg, extraction agent isopropyl alcohol 40% (V/V). Contains lactose. Other ingredients: cellulose powder, lactose monohydrate, potato starch, magnesium stearate


Use only as directed and consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist. As a good healthcare practice women are advised to see their healthcare professional every 6 months. It is advised that if you suffer from liver complications you should seek your doctor’s advice before taking Remifemin ® . Rarely a user may experience gastro-intestinal upset or hypersensitivity (rash or irritation). Remifemin ® should not be taken if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

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