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Panadol Optizorb Tablets

  • Panadol Optizorb Tablets

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Panadol Optizorb Tablets

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Panadol Caplets with OPTIZORB formulation is a smart choice as it provides advanced absorption* compared with standard paracetamol tablets.

Panadol with Optizorb contains a patented delivery system which allows it to deliver paracetamol more efficiently* to the body, relieving pain whilst remaining gentle on stomachs.

Panadol Tablets with OPTIZORB Formulation provides temporary effective relief of pain and discomfort associated with:

  • Headaches/Tension headache
  • Toothache
  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Migraine headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Arthritis/Osteoarthritis
  • Back pain
  • Period pain

Panadol Tablets with OPTIZORB Formulation also reduce fever.

Suitable for people with stomach ulcers

How To Use

Place tablet(s) in mouth and swallow with water

12 years old - adults: 1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours with water as required (maximum 8 tablets in 24 hours)
7 years old - 12 years old: 1 tablet every 4-6 hours with water as required (maximum 4 tablets in 24 hours)


Active ingredient: 500 mg Paracetamol

Contains hydroxybenzoates as preservative


  • Panadol contains paracetamol.
  • Use only as directed.
  • For the temporary relief of pain and fever.
  • Incorrect use could be harmful.
  • Consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.
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General Safety Information

  • Always read the label. Use only as directed.
  • Nutritional supplements may only be of assistance if the dietary intake is inadequate.
  • Supplements should not be used to replace a healthy balanced diet and adequate physical exercise.
  • Keep all medications and supplements out of reach of children.
  • If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.