Lifestream Wheat Grass
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  • Lifestream Wheat Grass

Lifestream Wheat Grass
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Lifestream Wheat Grass 120 Capsules

Lifestream Wheat Grass contains certified organic wheat grass, which is grown in New Zealand. It is grown outdoors in natural sunshine for more than 90 days. It is suitable for children, adults and pregnant women. It is available both in capsule form and as powder, which can be used to make fruit smoothies.

Why Lifestream Wheat Grass Is Unique
  • Lifestream Wheat Grass is 100% pure.
  • It is certified organic.
  • It is nutritionally richer.
  • It is gluten free.
  • It does not contain dairy products and it is not genetically engineered.
  • It contains natural folic acid and vitamin C.
  • It does not contain chemicals, bulking agents and synthetic additives.
  • It is not chlorine washed.
  • The process involved in the production ensures that the nutrients are intact.
  • It is a perfect diet for vegetarians and vegans. 
  • Lifestream Wheat Grass is high fibre food that is low on calories.
  • It supports healthy bowel movements.
  • It promotes healthy intestinal flora.
  • The healthy enzymes in the formula promote digestive function.

Nutrients in Lifestream Wheat Grass are similar to nutrients found in dark green vegetables and hence it has the same level of allergic reactions as spinach and lettuce. Being gluten free, the health supplement is safe for those allergic to gluten. 



Serving size: 2.5g (4 capsules)

SERVING SUGGESTION: Take with water or fruit juice
Adults: 4 capsules daily with food
Children: Age 5 – 15 yrs – 2 capsules daily with food.


Premium CERTIFIED ORGANIC Wheat Grass Powder – 100% Pure, 81%, Vegetarian capsules (cellulose & water)


Lifestream Wheat Grass is GLUTEN FREE

The nutrients contained in Lifestream Wheat Grass are more like those of a dark green vegetable and it is no more allergenic than spinach or lettuce. Lifestream Wheat Grass is gluten free and safe for celiacs (people allergic to gluten) and the many enzymes present, support good healthy digestive function and intestinal flora including cytochrome oxidase, lipase, protease and amylase.

Lifestream Premium Quality Certified Organic Wheat Grass

Lifestream Wheat Grass is certified organic by Agriquality NZ, contains no chemicals, synthetic additives, bulking agents like corn syrup solids, genetically engineered maltodextrin, rice flour or fillers and the plants are not chlorine washed. It is grown outside in the natural sunshine for over 90 days in the beautiful fresh pastures of South Canterbury. It is harvested and flash air dried immediately after being transferred into the drying facility. Our commitment is to ensure the living enzymes and nutrients are not damaged or compromised. It is 100% gluten free, vegetarian/vegan, dairy free, free from genetic engineering and is available in capsules for convenience or powder to make delicious fruit smoothies.

Lifestream Wheat Grass - Helps maintain a healthy colon & bowel
- High fibre/low calorie food
- Encourages healthy intestinal flora
- Supports regular healthy bowel movements
- 39% pure gluten-free fibre
- Contains natural Vitamin C & folic acid