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IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test

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IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test bridges the curiosity gap between conception to ultrasound scan. This is the only affordable, simple-to-use urine test that provides immediate gender results in the privacy and comfort of the home.  Within ten minutes, the IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test indicates whether the baby will be a boy or a girl.

IntelliGender has invested heavily the past several years in developing, refining and testing the specific patent pending formula that successfully reacts to the chemicals in the urine produced by the mother and baby combination. This exciting, revolutionary new formula produces a "dark, smoky green" reaction to the urine of a mother carrying a male baby and an "orange tinted" reaction to the urine of a mother pregnant with a girl. A color chart on our G.P.T. label matches to the various shades produced for an easy-to-read determination of the unborn baby's gender.

It is always advisable to have a camera handy when taking a test in case there is any difficulty in reading the test results. The images can then be emailed to for a determination by the experts.

The test can be taken as early as eight weeks all the way to the end of your 34th week. The test is easy to take and provides quick results in just 10 minutes, so the news can be shared right away.

IntelliGender offers a full money back guarantee and is supported by a manned 24 hour hotline 0800 PINKORBLUE (NZ) 1800 PINKORBLUE (AU)

We are thrilled to be able to offer parents-to-be a fun, affordable pre-birth experience to share the joy of discovery with their family and friends!  

IntelliGender Features:
- Simple Urine Test
- Can be used as early as 10th week of pregnancy
- Results within 10 minutes
- Lab results show 90% accuracy
- Read and follow instructions provided carefully

Available to Australian and New Zealand customers only


Use as directed.


This test is not recommended for women with PCOS or who are currently taking Progesterone. Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest. Contents may be harmful if swallowed.

General Safety Information

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