Clinicians Hi-Dose Chromium 1000mcg
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  • Clinicians Hi-Dose Chromium 1000mcg

Clinicians Hi-Dose Chromium 1000mcg
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Clinicians Hi-Dose Chromium is a unique nutrient-rich supplement with a high grade, high potency trace mineral, chromium. It provides chromium at its readily bioavailable form for fast absorption by the body It is specifically formulated to help balance sugar and cholesterol levels, manage weight gain and loss, and improve heart health.

  • No gluten, dairy yeast or sugar
  • No added sweeteners or preservatives
Active Ingredient: Chromium

Chromium is a trace mineral that functions in insulin metabolism and therefore, balanced blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it has been shown to initiate the metabolism of fatty acids and helps maintain cholesterol levels.
According to research studies, there is an association between imbalances of blood sugar and the lack of chromium. Supplementing the diet with chromium capsules gives added health advantages, namely supporting metabolism and cardiovascular health.
While chromium may be present in commonly eaten foods, it is usually found in small amounts. Meats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables are all good dietary sources of this trace mineral.

The Health Benefits - Why supplement with Clinicians Hi-Dose Chromium
  • Helps keep blood sugar levels at optimal levels
  • Helps keep cholesterol levels at optimal levels
  • Facilitates metabolism of blood sugars (glucose)
  • Facilitates metabolism of insulin
  • Perfect for those with sugar cravings

Take 1 capsule daily or as directed.


Active Ingredients in each capsule:

Ingredients Strength Unit
Chromium (amino acid chelate) *elemental chromium 1 mg*

None known. Pregnancy and Breast Feeding: Regarded as safe to take during these times under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

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