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Clinicians AllerStop
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A natural and clinically researched formula with fast acting results to support the body's response to indoor & outdoor allergens, pets & dust mites, and mould & spring allergens.

AllerStop works to prevent Allergic Rhinitis and all the symptoms that come with it such as:

  • A stuffy, running or blocked nose
  • Frequent sneezing and coughing
  • Itchy eyes, nose, roof of mouth and throat
  • Watery, red sore eyes
  • Poor hearing, blocked ears and popping
  • Dizziness and or nausea
  • Dark circles under or around eyes
  • Headaches, earaches or sinus pain
Who is Clinicians Allerstop for?:
  • Suffers of Allergic Rhinitis looking for a natural solution to manage allergies
  • Those who reaction to allergens from, pets, pollen, grass, dust, dust mite or mould
  • In addition to existing anti-allergy medications, at times of increased allergen exposure
  • People unable to take conventional anti-allergy medications due to side effects or drug interactions
  • Children over 3 years, pregnant or breast feeding women

Suitable for children over 3 years. No drowsiness or side effects, fast acting.

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