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Bioceuticals UltraClean 85 Liquid

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UltraClean 85 Liquid - High Strength Liquid Fish Oil

Freshest, purest fish oil

This fish oil is manufactured using a unique cold extraction method and molecular distillation processes to deliver optimal quality, purity and freshness with low odour. The freshness of the oil is measured by our exceptionally low peroxide and TOTOX values (indicators of freshness).

It undergoes comprehensive purification to deliver a pristine source of omega-3, which complies with the strict quality standards set by the Global Organisation for EPA and DHA Omega-3 (GOED) and has a five star international fish oil standard (IFOS) rating for purity, potency and freshness.


Product value*

GOED limit

TGA limit





Peroxide (meq/kg)




Total oxidation (TOTOX)




Lead (mg/kg)




Cadmium (mg/kg)




Mercury (mg/kg)




Arsenic (mg/kg)




PCBs (mg/kg)




Total dioxins, furans and dioxin-like PCBs (pg/g)




*As per certificate of analysis 11 March 2014

Sustainable Alaskan source

Uses wild caught and sustainably sourced Alaska Pollock from the Alaskan Gulf and Bearing Sea, caught from the mid waters as opposed to the destructive bottom trawl.

It is one of the worlds only omega-3 fish oil concentrates produced from a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified sustainable Alaskan fishery since 2005. The MSC has developed standards for sustainable fishing and seafood traceability. Both standards meet the worlds strictest best practice guidelines and are helping to transform global seafood markets.

This fish oil is the first omega-3 fish oil in Australia to have the MSC logo.

Highest concentrated fish oil

This fish oil provides an exceptionally high 85% concentrated dose of omega-3 essential fatty acids, presented in a 90% natural triglyceride. This allows consumers to take a lesser amount than a standard fish oil for a therapeutic effect.

UltraClean 85 Liquid - Key features and benefits

  • Provides the highest concentrated dose of omega-3 essential fatty acids (at 85%) on the Australian market.
  • Exceptionally high indicators of freshness, quality and purity: low odour, low peroxide, low p-anisidine and low total oxidation (TOTOX) values.
  • Wild caught and sustainably sourced Alaska Pollock from Alaskan waters.
  • First fish oil on the market to qualify for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) logo.
  • May temporarily relieve joint inflammation and swelling associated with mild arthritis.
  • May assist in the maintenance of triglycerides within normal range in healthy individuals.
  • May help to support normal blood pressure in healthy individuals.
  • Reduces pro-inflammatory cell markers.
  • Provides nutritional support for the cardiovascular system, and helps to maintain flexibility and integrity of blood vessels.
  • Supports the maintenance of healthy mood.
  • May help maintain normal brain and cognitive function in healthy adults, and a higher intake may help maintain mental and cognitive function as you age.
  • Supports healthy growth and development in children, including the retina and brain.
  • Supports memory and cognitive function in healthy children.
  • Pregnant and lactating women have an increased requirement for omega-3 fatty acids.

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Children: Take 2.5mL daily in juice or food for memory support, cognitive function and healthy development and growth, including retina and brain.

Adults: Take 2.5mL per day in juice or food for healthy cognition and mood, and nutritional support for the cardiovascular system.

Adults: Take 5mL per day in juice or food for temporary relief of joint inlammation and swelling, maintenance of healthy triglyceride levels and support for normal blood pressure in healthy individuals.

Each 5mL (1 metric teaspoon) contains:
Concentrated omega-3 triglycerides - fish 4.5g
[Total omega-3 marine fatty acids* 3.8g]
equiv. eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) 2.5g
equiv. docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 0.94g
In a base of mixed tocopherols and lemon oil.
*Total omega-3 fatty acids include all omega-3 such as eicosatetraenoic acid, heneicosapentaenoic acid and their various mono-, di- and triglyceride forms.

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