Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles Original

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  • Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles Original


Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles Original

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‘The Original Bach Flower Remedies!’

Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles is a natural stress remedy specially designed to alleviate feelings of tension, anxiety and nervousness. Suitable for the whole family, including children and elderly. This formula introduces a delicious tasting black currant flavor.

Black currant is locally grown in Europe and Asia. This superfruit is a rich source of Vitamin C. Plus, it features a great taste! This pastilles supplement is free of sugar, GMO and alcohol. Plus, it has a natural flavor and color.

Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles has 27% brandy sourced from grapes. Bach flower remedies are naturally sourced from a unique blend of five different flowers specially formulated by Dr. Bach. These provide stress support following accidents, bad news or even a bad case of overwrought nerves.

  • Star of Bethlehem (Orithogalum umbellatum) – for individuals who experience trauma and shock from past events
  • Rock Rose (Helianthemum) – for individuals who suffer from panic and terror
  • Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera) – for individuals who want to avoid uncontrolled thoughts and actions. Reinforces trust in one’s self in times of spontaneity.
  • Impatiens (Impatiens gladulifera) – for individuals acting and thinking rapidly. Suitable for fast go-getters with an impatient personality.
  • Clematis (Clematis vitalba) – for individuals who find themselves unhappy and living in their own fantasy world. Helps form the link between reality and fantasy as it stimulates creativity and boosts alertness.

Chew one pastille as reuqired


Made with Rescue Remedy Original Flower Extracts
Sugar Free
Alcohol Free