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Vivano Kilo Manager

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Vivano Kilo Manager

Seeking to lose pounds – the healthy way? Introducing the latest innovation for healthy fat metabolism and weight management, Vivano Kilo Manager combines a potent blend of Green Coffee Beans, Green Tea and NZ Kelp. According to Dr. Oz, green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid which is able to burn fat fast. Meanwhile, green tea is packed with antioxidants that enhance your fat-fighting metabolism. NZ Kelp, freshly harvested, provides an abundant source of iodine also for healthy metabolism.

Together with Vivano Appetite Manager, the two weight management formulas pack double the effect to curb your sugar cravings and aid in healthy carbohydrate metabolism! What’s more, Vivano Kilo Manager helps uplift your energy levels and enhance your concentration. Say no to impulse eating with ease.


Vivano Kilo Manager Benefits:

  •          Attain the weight you want. Works to support healthy fat metabolism and proper weight management.
  •          Two is better than one. Vivano Kilo Manager and Vivano Appetite Manager deliver twice the effect together.
  •          Easy to Take. Available in easy to swallow capsules that must be taken three times a day, half an hour before mealtime.
  •          Ideal with proper exercise and diet

Two capsules three times a day 20 – 30 minutes before meals. 


Vivano Kilo Manager contains three key herbs:

  •  Green tea
  •  Green coffee beans
  •  New Zealand kelp

All supplements in the Vivano Weight Management Pack are formulated so they deliver the recommended levels of active ingredients. 
Vivano do not offer ‘sprinkles’ of ingredients which look impressive on the label but won’t be an effective weight management tool. Vivano is manufactured in New Zealand to strict quality standards.