Thompsons Lysine Lip Clear

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Thompsons Lysine Lip Clear

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Thompsons Lysine Lip Clear is a natural source of lysine suitable for treating cold sores. This cold sore remedy is further enriched with bioflavonoids, vitamin C and zinc for optimum skin health and normal immune system functions. According to research, the scientifically proven blend of 200mg vitamin C and 200mg bioflavonoids can stop blisters from forming and bursting, if taken at least three times daily.

Thompsons Lysine Lip Clear aids in healing cold sores brought about by herpes simplex virus 1. Blisters on the lips form and are filled with fluid. It results in painful lip sores that blister, break, crust and then scab. Cold sores are induced by factors like stress, weak immunity, menstruation and excessive exposure to the sun.

Based on clinical trials, lysine supplementation decreases frequency and duration of cold sores. Lysine facilitates healing of this infection.

Thompsons Lysine Lip Clear benefits:
  • Promotes general wellness and health
  • May support efficient wound healing and healthy skin
  • May strengthen the immune system functions
  • May enhance healing of cold sores
  • May reduce cold sore symptoms and intensity
  • May decrease cold sore duration and frequency
Thompsons Lysine Lip Clear is recommended for:
  • Those who are looking for immune system support
  • Those who are in need of nutritional aid for wound healing and maintenance of healthy skin
  • Those who are at risk of or suffering from cold sores and its symptoms

Thompsons brand of Vitamins is one of the natural health leaders in New Zealand using only high quality ingredients.


Dose for risk reduction: two tablets once per day Dose for management of outbreak: one tablet three times per day


Each Tablet contains
Lysine Hydrochloride 624mg
Vitamin C 200mg
Bioflavonoids 200mg
Zinc 5mg


Lysine Lip Clear can be taken long term for risk reduction or acutely to manage an outbreak. Due to lack of safety information, Lysine Lip Clear should not be taken while pregnant.