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Spatone Iron Supplement
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Spatone Iron Supplement
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Spatone 100% Natural Iron
- NO constipation/gastro-intestinal side effects (clinically proven).
- Spatone is the only 100% natural iron additives or manufacturing.
- 40% you need to take less but will still get the benefits (clinically proven). Other iron supplements and food have a typical absorbency of 2-10%.
- Vegetarian Society approved.
- Quick absorption – enters the bloodstream within 30mins.

One sachet of Spatone contains the equivalent iron found in 8lbs of broccoli

For mothers, sports people, vegetarians or just active people that are iron deficient.

Spatone, the new word in "IRON" A natural iron supplement that redefines how to get your daily iron needs.

Research has shown that iron requirement can double during the second half of pregnancy. Because of this exceptional demand for iron, requirements are often not met by diet alone. It is often at this time that women are prescribed iron tablets and suffer with the uncomfortable symptoms that are often associated with them such as constipation.

Spatone provides a gentle alternative iron supplement that is ideal to take at this time. Clinical trials have proven it to be a highly absorbable and effective supplement during pregnancy.

Spatone is simply iron-rich water straight from the source. Spatone's iron rich water comes from Snowdonia and is collected at the Trefiw Wells Spa. It is believed that the Spa was first discovered by Romans from the XX Roman legion stationed at Canovium, 3 miles north of Trefriw. In about 1874 a Victorian bath and pump house was built and for the first time the water was sold to the public. Published studies show that Spatone is easily absorbed and gentle on your stomach, a view backed by thousands of regular Spatone customers.

Why take Spatone
Quick absorption
The iron in Spatone - known as ferrous sulphate - is already in liquid form. This means it is ready to be absorbed and utilised quickly into your body and does not need to be dissolved in the stomach first. Taken on an empty stomach, the iron in Spatone should be in your blood stream in 30 minutes.


1 sachet per day is enough to cover your daily iron requirements (up to two sachets may be required in pregnancy) Not suitable for under 2years of age.


5mg sachet of Ferrous Sulphate (Fe++, free elemental iron)


Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your health care professionalIron is needed to make haemoglobin, the red pigment of blood. The human adult body contains approximately 4g iron which is found in many proteins, but about 2/3 exists as haemoglobin. Contained within the red blood cells, the haemoglobin transports oxygen around the body from the lungs to the tissues via the bloodstream. The remainder is stored in the liver, spleen, bone-marrow and muscles where it is present as myoglobin which acts as an oxygen reservoir within the muscle fibres.

Initial low iron problems include tiredness, fatigue and general lack of stamina. Later if unchecked, problems include breathlessness, giddiness, headaches, dim vision, insomnia, loss of appetite, indigestion, restless legs and tingling in fingers and toes. Potentially progressing further over time to fast pulse rate and heart murmurs. All these conditions are associated with decreased oxygen supplies to tissues and organs. In young children iron insufficiency can also lead to depressed growth and impaired mental performance.

Globally, iron insuffiency contributes greatly to the general unhealthy condition and substandard performance of many millions of people.

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