Rheumon Gel
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Rheumon Gel
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Benefits from using a Rheumon Gel are:

  • Rapid relief from pain 
  • Rapid restoration of mobility 
  • Reduce your anti-rheumatic medication 
  • Initial mild cooling of the area 
  • Has a pleasant smell 
  • Does not make the skin greasy or slippery 
  • Penetrates the skin rapidly 
  • Reaches the affected tissue regions in therapeutically effective concentrations 
  • Excellent systemic and cutaneous tolerability
For external use only. Apply a 5-10cm strip of Rheumon Gel 3-4 times a day and massage into the skin over as large an area as possible.
1g Rheumon Gel contains 50mg etofenamate. Store below 30 degrees C.

Hypersensitivity to etofenamate, flufenamic acid, and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and hypersensitivity to propylene glycol. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and use on infants and small children, since the clinical experience in this sector is still insufficient.

Nature and Duration of Use

Rheumon Gel should not be used on skin which is broken or inflamed with eczema Rheumon Gel should not be brought into contact with mucous membranes or eyes Treatment period can be between a few days and several months.

Side Effects

In rare cases skin reddening, and in a very small amount of cases allergic skin reactions, can occur. These effects regress quickly after the drug has been discontinued. Interactions with other drugs No interactions have been reported when Rheumon Gel has been used as intended.

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