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Red Seal Floradix Iron Tonic
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Red Seal Floradix Iron Tonic
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One of the finest iron tonics available, Floradix Formula helps to combat tiredness and lassitude, and restores health, vitality, and puts a sparkle back into your life.

Floradix Formula contains iron rich yeast and herbal extracts in an easily assimilated organic iron compound.

Iron is of life-giving importance, its deficiency, anaemia, is the most common health problem in the world.  It is essential for the production of haemoglobin, which absorbs oxygen from the lungs to be carried via red blood cells throughout the body. A shortage of iron can very quickly lead to a low haemoglobin content of red blood cells, which in turn then supply less life-giving oxygen to the tissues.

A multitude of symptoms may then appear, among them:
general lassitude,
decreased physical performance and endurance,
poor appetite,
poor circulation,
dry skin and mucous membranes,
dry and brittle hair and nails,
poor mental stability, and
susceptibility to illness.

Floradix Formula also contains B complex vitamins (for the production of haemoglobin and red blood cells), as well as kelp (for trace minerals), rosehips (for vitamin C which assists in iron absorption), and wheat germ (containing vitamin E a good antioxidant).

Fruit concentrates and herbal extracts help to prevent indigestion and constipation - typical problems encountered with ordinary iron preparations. Iron absorption is also improved due to the liquid form of this preparation.  Tablets or capsules must first be dissolved in the digestive tract and so total absorption from these may not be guaranteed.

The following groups of people have a special need for Floradix Iron Formula:

    * Women, to compensate for loss of iron during the monthly menstrual cycle. Those who have heavy or irregular blood losses, vegetarians, slimmers, and athletes, may all require more than a regular diet can supply.
    * Expectant mothers.  Pregnancy places an additional burden on the body's iron metabolism.  The transfer of iron to the foetus, the loss of blood during childbirth, and the expenditure of iron during breast-feeding can cause a total loss of 600 - 1000 mg of Iron, per pregnancy (equivalent to the entire iron reserves of the body).
    * Adolescents depend heavily on iron for the production of red blood cells for healthy development.  A poor diet at this time can produce lethargy and irritability due to insufficient nourishment.
    * Sports people have a special need for adequate iron intake both before and after intense training.  Injury and trauma can also increase requirements.
    * Children. Large amounts are required for growth, particularly for good brain development and I.Q.
    * Elderly people require supplementation as their capacity to absorb iron may decrease as the years progress, and often less nourishing meals are prepared.
    * Hard physical labourers, e.g. carpenters, gardeners, construction, and engineering people, have higher needs than others for good nutrition.
    * Convalescents. Illness produces a greater need for iron.  Use this tonic when recovering from all debilitating illnesses and particularly after surgical operations and trauma, especially those involving blood loss.
    * Dieters. Those on poorly balanced, or long-term vegetarian or slimming diets, may require more iron.

Iron can be a difficult nutrient to absorb and some preparations can cause digestive problems, constipation, or diarrhoea.  Because of its liquid form and bioavailability, (i.e. the iron is available from specially iron-fed yeast) Floradix Iron Formula is easily assimilated into the system, with no digestive disturbances.

Shake slightly before use.

Take 2 teaspoons (10 ml = 1/2 measuring capful) twice daily, before morning and evening meals.

Children (between 1 & 5 years of age):
1 Teaspoon (5 ml = 1/4 measuring capful) daily.

Children (between 5 & 12 years of age):
2 Teaspoons (10 ml = 1/2 measuring capful) daily.

Use the measuring cap or a spoon. Floradix Formula can be diluted with fruit juice or water. The intake of Floradix should be extended over a lengthy period of time for good results.
Each 10 ml contains:
1.17 g Aqueous Extract of Iron-fed Yeast with:
Iron (Yeast extract equiv. to 7.5mg
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 1.0mg
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 0.9mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl) 0.5mg
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 0.6mcg
Folic acid 100mcg
Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) 10.0mg

5.95 g Compound Aqueous Extract from: Spinach, Nettles, Ocean kelp, Quitch roots, Fennel, Carrots, Orange peel, African mallow blossom, Angelica roots. Rosehip aqueous extract 0.1g. Wheat germ aqueous extract 0.02g Honey 0.42g

3.24 g Fruit Concentrates of: Red grapes, Black currants, Pears, Blackberries, Cherries, Oranges, Beetroot.
The yeast in Floradix Formula is from the Saccharomyces Cerevisae family, and NOT candida. However, those suffering from yeast infections are advised to take Floravital Formula, as this is free of yeast, gluten, honey and fructose.

Certain pharmaceuticals, and drinks such as tea and coffee, diminish the absorption of iron. Do not consume these products within an hour of Floradix Formula.

As in the case of all medicines containing iron, the intake of Floradix Formula may cause the bowel motions to be particularly dark. This discolouration is completely harmless.