Radiance Pro-B Baby Drops
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  • Radiance Pro-B Baby Drops

Radiance Pro-B Baby Drops
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Radiance Pro-B Baby Drops 8ml

Highly Effective Clinically Proven Probiotic Drops for Babies

Radiance Pro-B Baby Drops is a clinically research and very effective probiotic which contains Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12, a heat stable ingredient that has specially formulated and processed in Europe under strict manufacturing procedures and international standards to assure efficacy and safety.

It delivers an infant dosage of BB-12 in easy to swallow oil drops that do not require any refrigeration or preservation. These drops are specially formulated without silicon dioxide, sweeteners, flavours, and minimal preservatives like vitamin E and citric acid.

The bulk of baby’s flora comes from the journey through the birth canal which later migrates to the bowel and proliferates in response to breast milk, which preferentially enhances the growth of beneficial flora, in particular Bifidobacterium species. There are also some babies who get undesirable flora both in utero and during birth due to poor dietary choices, hormonal dysregulation, antibiotic use and stress of their mothers.

Due to this, a baby’s gut flora can get disturbed and face problems. Along with this, there are many babies that are born by caesarean and are unable to get that initial micro flora inoculation. It has been proved by research that babies who are born the natural way are less prone to pathogenic infiltration. In addition to this, antibiotic use in infants and expectant mothers can also lead to bacterial overgrowth which later leads to pathogenesis of allergies (eczema, asthma) gastrointestinal disorders (reflux, colic, diarrhoea, constipation, failure to thrive) and irritability in babies. Radiance Pro-B Baby Drops help to prevent all these pathogenesis and strengthen the immune system of the babies and improve their overall health.


Specially developed for infants, Radiance Pro-B Baby Drops is an effective supplement that supports healthy probiotic in infants who are born by caesarean and suffer from tummy trouble, irritability and fall prey to seasonal ills and chills. 

It is also great for babies who are not breastfed due to any reason and suffer from colic and need to take antibiotics to keep overall health.  A few drops a day can help to keep infants in good health.

Benefits of Radiance Pro-Baby Drops:
  • It is a great probiotic which provides the natural agents to babies for good growth and nourishment
  • It is a great support for baby’s good intestinal health
  • It promotes healthy gut microflora in infants born with caesarean
  • It helps to keep the bowel movement in infants regular prevent tummy problems and irritation that result due to stomach bugs increasing their resistance to bacteria
  • It is very good for baby’s immune system and functions and strengths their body against all the aliments

A 100% pure and vegetarian product, Radiance Pro-B Baby Drops is the best supplement for babies which facilitates enhanced nutrient absorption and utilization and keeps them healthy and well.


For babies: born by caesarean, who are not breastfed, who have colic or are irritable, with infrequent or too frequent bowel motions, during the winter months to support immunity, babies who seem to catch whatever is going around, who have had antibiotics, whose mum had antibiotics while pregnant, or babies with a family history of allergies or eczema

Six drops once daily either directly in the mouth, into breastmilk or formula or onto the nipple before feeding


Each six drop dose supplies 1 billion CFU Bifidobacterium lactis BB12®


None known, if unsure seek advise from your health professional prior to use.