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Radiance Kids Immune

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Radiance Kids Immune
The Ideal Dietary Supplement for Strong Immune System and Healthy Bodies

Kids need immune support from a young age as there are a lot of bacteria that can attack them and cause sickness and diseases when they are not so strong. To prevent this, they need a strong immune system that can defend them from infections and infectious microbes.

Radiance Kids Immune offers the ideal immune support that has been specially designs for Kiwi kids keeping their delicate and necessary nutritional needs in mind. It provides the right blend of vitamins, mineral and herbs to support and maintain a child’s immune system.

It is important to know that even the best of diets that are rich in raw whole foods, leafy green and bright coloured vegetables, seasonal fruits, lean meat, poultry, fish, nuts, seeds, legumes, wholegrains and healthy fats cannot provide children with the necessary levels of nutrition that can build strong and healthy bodies.

Kids are exposed to many infections and diseases in their school classrooms, playground and other places. It is only with a strong immune system that children can remain protected from infections that cause common colds, seasonal ills and chills and other ailments.  It is important to keep the kids safe from all these infections by providing them immunity boosters that keep these infections away and kids healthy and fit.  Radiance Kids Immune helps to enhance the kids’ immunity with help of immune boosting nutrients and awesome herbal helpers. 


Radiance Kids Immune contains vitamin A, C and E along with all the critical antioxidant nutrients that help to establish healthy mucous membranes, cell function and support a healthy immune system in children. Vitamin A helps keeps the mucous membranes healthy while vitamin C and E act together to fight free radicals that are created during infections.

Along with these, it also contains Zinc that is necessary for the development and proper function of the immune system, mucous membrane and skin integrity, as well as normal brain function. Olive leaf and Echinacea also help the body to develop immunity to fight winter ills and keep the body free from allergy causing toxins.

Benefits of Radiance Kids Immune:
  • It is the ideal dietary supplement for kids that helps to keep them safe from common ailments and illnesses
  • It contains the right blend of vitamins and minerals that boost immune system and keep the brain functioning normally
  • It boosts the kids’ immunity and enables them to fight the bacteria and infections so that they remain fit and healthy and grow up into healthy adults

With its natural blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals, Radiance Kids Immune is the ideal supplement for kids that boosts immunity and helps them develop health and fit bodies.


To keep winter ailments at bay or for assuring kid’s immune function is in tip top shape. Can be used at the onset of the colder months.

Children 2-3 years – One tablet with food
Children 4-8 – Two tablets with food
Children 8 and over – Three to four tablets with food


Ingredients per chewable tablet

Vitamin C   50mg
Olive leaf 40mg
Echinacea angustifolia 20mg
Beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A 2500IU) 1.5mg
Vitamin E 15IU
Zinc 1mg

Naturally sweetened with fructose. Natural strawberry flavour