Qsilica Skin, Hair & Nails Colloidal Silica Gel

  • Qsilica Skin, Hair & Nails Colloidal Silica Gel


Qsilica Skin, Hair & Nails Colloidal Silica Gel

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QSILICA Colloidal Silica Gel is a topically applied skincare product promoting healthy teeth, hair, bone, skin and nails. From the skin, it seeps deep into the pores and carefully works its way in. Silica encourages skin-softening and skin-healing benefits as it prevents peeling and acne breakouts. Plus, it supports your nails and combats brittleness.

Beauty Effects

QSILICA Colloidal Silica Gel proudly offers mineral silica in highly dispersed and quick-to-use form. Just 10 mL of the gel (that's roughly two teaspoons) already packs 280mg of silica-colloidal anhydrous! Apply silica gel onto your skin for alleviating conditions of cut, bruised or burned skin.

  • Promotion of skin repair and healing
  • Reduces brittleness of skin, hair, nails
  • For optimal skin hydration, health

Adults and children over 12 years of age: 10ml once or twice daily diluted in water or juice. Shake well before use. Can be applied topically.


Per 10ml contains (2 teaspoons):
Silica-colloidal anhydrous 280mg
Purified water 9720mcl
Sodium benzoate 0.05%
100% vegan


Keep refrigerated after opening.Qsilica is different to most other silica supplements. It is a collodial solution of microscopic particles of mineral silica, highly dispersed in water to form a natural gel. Because the human body is a colloidal system, Qsilica is easily and quickly absorbed in the body to help strengthen and support connective tissue.