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Try The Zinc Taste Test
A) If you have sufficient zinc levels, our liquid zinc will taste bitter.
B) If you are deficient in zinc, our liquid zinc will taste like water.

Zinc is needed to support and promote:
A healthy immune system;
Typical healing
Adequate taste and smell
Healthy growth and sexual development
Healthy adrenal function
Smooth, beautiful skin
Healthy bowel function
Healthy appetite*

Why Premier Research Labs Zinc Assay is different than other brands?
Infallible Absorption
1. Zinc Assay contains liquid zinc in the sulfate septahydrate form. Research shows this special form of zinc is easily and completely absorbed through the stomach. Most other forms of zinc require adequate digestion to be absorbed and are absorbed through the bowels. Even those with weak digestion or chronic illness can easily absorb our Zinc Assay.*

The Zinc Assay Taste Test
2. To determine if you have sufficient zinc levels, you may take the Zinc Assay
Taste Test. This is a simple taste test reported in the Lancet. If you have sufficient zinc levels, Zinc Assay will taste bitter. If you are deficient in zinc, Zinc Assay will taste like water.

100% Purified Water
3. We use 100% purified water (not filtered water) as the base in our Zinc Assay.
The use of purified water is critical since using tap water or only partially purified (filtered) water may contain impurities which alter the taste. During the Zinc Taste Test, a person deficient in zinc should experience a bland taste; however, if the liquid zinc contains impurities, the taste may be altered and give a false negative.

Fast Repletion
4. For those wanting to replete their zinc status very quickly, the infallible absorption of Zinc Assay offers the most rapid response. Other forms of zinc may be absorbed very slowly or not at all.

Zinc Is Essential For Life
Zinc holds the center position in healthy RNA and DNA. If zinc is deficient, optimal health can not be achieved. Everyone is vulnerable, especially children through adolescence. Zinc is the second most abundant trace mineral in the human body and is found in every bodily tissue and tissue fluid. Biochemical functions in which zinc plays an integral role include enzyme function, protein synthesis, nucleic acid metabolism, the immune system, brain function and development and adrenal function.*

Zincs Role In Smell and Taste
Chronic or acute zinc deficiency may be linked with lowered or absent ability to adequately taste or smell. Many studies have shown improvement
in the ability to taste and smell following zinc administration.* Zinc absorption can be inhibited due to a flattening of the villi in the small intestine when zinc is deficient.*

Zincs Many Roles
Zinc plays many important roles in the body. 1) Zinc plays a key role in maintaining a healthy attitude and mood.* In animal studies, zinc deficiency produced significant behavorial changes such as aggression. In human studies, zinc deficiency created anxiety and mood disturbances.* 2) Zinc is also a key factor in appetite regulation and in maintaining normal weight.* 3) Zinc is essential for a healthy immune system.* Since zinc plays an important role at adrenal hormone receptor sites, lowered zinc levels can mean poorer adrenal function and lowered ability to respond to stress.*

The Zinc Taste Test
To determine zinc deficiency, a simple taste test (reported in the medical journal, Lancet) helps designate those who may respond favorably to zinc supplementation. The TEST: The subject should refrain from eating, drinking
or smoking for at least one hour before the test, then is asked to place about 1 tsp. of zinc sulfate septahydrate in the mouth for 10 seconds, then swallow. After 30 seconds, the responses will fall into 4 categories: 1) tasteless
orlike water2) slowly developing dry, mineral-like taste,furryor sweet 3) immediate unpleasant taste which intensifies over time 4) strong immediate unpleasant taste (may last up to 30 minutes). Category 1 or 2 suggests the subject will benefit from zinc supplementation.

The Best Answer
Zinc and other nutrients are most commonly transported into the blood via the villi of the small intestine; however, with the flattening of the villi, it becomes necessary to give zinc-deficient individuals a form of zinc that can be better absorbed. Zinc Assay, a form of liquid zinc sulfate septahydrate, helps overcome this problem, since it can be efficiently absorbed through the lining of the stomach. Other forms of zinc may be very difficult to absorb in compromised individuals.

Suggested Adult: Use10 cc. (2 teaspoons) per day or as directed by a health professional.
Contents: Each 10 cc. (2 teaspoons) supplies 10 mg.1 of zinc as zinc sulfate septahydrate in a base of purified water. 167% of the daily value for adults and children over 4 years of age.

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