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PRL Cleanse Blend is A Superior Formula for Daily Intestinal Cleansing

Stagnant Waste = Whole Body Suffering
To achieve excellent health, the bodys digestive wastes must be eliminated on a regular basis. Dr. Bernard Jenson, a notable health researcher, calls the colon theking organbecause it reigns over the entire body. If you do not have healthy bowel eliminations every day, the stagnant fecal waste can build up and be absorbed through the colon walls into your blood and then slowly poison the whole body. This is why health-minded doctors have said for centuries:Death begins in the colon.

Dr. Harvey Kellogg, a medical doctor from Battle Creek, Michigan, said that of the 22,000 operations he personally performed, he never found a single healthy colon. Even if you dont have any pain or discomfort in the abdomen (the area of the colon), a stagnant, toxic colon can cause many symptoms you may not realize are coming from the colon, such as a pale, pasty complexion, acne, arthritis (joint pain), headaches, fatigue, insomnia, poor digestion, bad breath, gum and teeth disease, etc.

Even if you have cleaned up your act for the past few years (by eating a healthy, high fiber diet with fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains), you may still have years worth of toxic accumulation. Many colons still retain the toxic sludge that is a by-product of the Standard American Diet (including meat, dairy, refined flour and sugar, fried foods, etc.). Unbelievably, layers of decayed fecal matter and pockets of mucus can remain in the colon for a lifetime.

Intestinal Cleansing Made Easy
Cleanse Blend is a clinically-tested, whole body cleansing formula. It contains a complete, synergistic blend of grade 10, carefully harvested herbs from South America. Its unique carrier base, grade 10 psyllium husk powder, provides a gentle, soluble fiber that adds soft, almost fluffy bulk to stools. This helps clear out toxic colon pockets and move foul, stagnant waste matter from of the colon. In addition, its scrubbing action can help trap and pull away many years of encrusted toxic debris.

This unique formula is designed to thoroughly but gently cleanse the entire intestinal tract, promote healthy, normal bowel eliminations and thereby, aid in cleansing the entire body. Its proprietary herbal complex includes grade 10 marshmallow root, licorice root, bitter gourd melon, black walnut hulls, slippery elm, pumpkin seed powder and cascara sagrada. Start your journey to whole-body rejuvenation today by taking Cleanse Blend every day!

Adults and children (age 4 and up): Take 1 rounded tsp. daily in 6 oz. of purified water, 30 minutes before eating a meal, especially effective before breakfast. For general maintenance, take once or twice daily.

Capsules: Take 5 capsules with 8 oz. of purified water, 30 minutes before eating a meal, especially effective before breakfast. For general maintenance, take once or twice daily.

Important Note: For this formula to work the best, drink a sufficient amount of water daily and enjoy a diet rich in plant-based, high fiber foods. Cleanse Blend is a fiber and will not move effectively through the colon without sufficient water intake. Make sure to drink a minimum of half your weight in ounces of purified water everyday. If you drink coffee, add an extra 8 oz. of water per cup of coffee. If you do not drink enough water, you may actually begin to experience constipation.
Serving Size 1 tsp.
Amount of servings: approx. 76
1 tsp. contains:
The Fiber Expert? (2426mg) - Psyllium (husk) (Plantago ovata)
Botanica Cleanse? (574mg) - Marshmallow (root)(Althaea off.), Licorice (root)(Glycyrrhiza glabra), Bitter Gourd (melon)(Momordica charantia), Black Walnut (hulls)(Juglans nigra), Slippery Elm (bark)(Ulmus fulva), Pumpkin (seed)(Curcurbita pepo), Cascara Sagrada (bark)

5 capsules contain:
The Fiber Expert? (2020mg)
Botanica Cleanse? (480mg)

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