NutraMedix Tangarana - Microbial Defense
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  • NutraMedix Tangarana - Microbial Defense

NutraMedix Tangarana - Microbial Defense
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TANGARANA - MICROBIAL DEFENSE is an extract produced from the bark of the Palo Santo (Triplaris peruviana) tree that is found in South America.  For generations, tribal groups in South America have used it for its anti-microbial properties.  Tangarana is a broad-spectrum anti-microbial with activity against many Lyme-related microbes, many bacteria, many rickettsia, many fungi and many protozoa.  Some of the specific microbes that are treated by Tangarana include: Anaerobic rods and cocci, Babesia, Borrelia, Chlamydia, Encephalitis, Mycosis fungoides, Rickettsia (including Coxiella and Erlichia), Aspergillus, Bartonella, Candida, Cytomegalovirus, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and Protozoal parasites.  If a person cannot take Banderol or Cumanda because of sensitivity/allergy, Tangarana is a reasonable substitute.

Research presented in a 2015 article stated that plants of the Polygonaceae family are known to produce flavonols.  These recently discovered flavonols (of which four have been identified thus far) make the Polygonaceae an excellent source of antioxidant and photoprotective activities. Souza, MSK, "Identification of flavonol glycosides and in vitro photoprotective and antioxidant activities of Triplaris garneriana Wedd." Journal of Medicinal Plants Research Vol. 9(7), pp. 207- 215, 17 February, 2015 DOI: 10.5897/JMPR2014.5555.

A difference in expression level was found between two groups studied and researchers A 2013 study revealed that the phenols, tannins, flavones and flavonoids present are responsible for "a potent capacity to catch free radicals," and that there are many antibacterial, antioxidant and anticholinesterase activities present.  Farias, DF, "Antibacterial, Antioxidant, and Anticholinesterase Activities of Plant Seed Extracts from Brazilian Semiarid Region." BioMed Research International Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 510736, 9 pages.


"Had bad fungus under my arms and on my feet and under my breasts.  I became very self-conscious about it due to the odor and constant sloughing of skin.  Tangarana got rid of it 100%.  Truly happy with how it worked."-E.A


30 drops twice daily at least 30 minutes before a meal (start with 1 drop in 4 oz. of water adding a drop with each dose). For resistant microbes, doses up to 60 drops 2-3 times daily are sometimes needed. Since a Herxheimer-type, microbe die-off reaction is not uncommon when increasing the dose of Tangarana, it is usually helpful to have Nutramedix Burber and Pinella on hand to take as needed to quickly resolve the reaction.

Various Reported Medicinal Properties of TANGARANA:


There are no known contraindications, no known side effects and no known interactions with other drugs when using Tangarana.

Serving size: 30 drops
Tangarana bark extract 0.5 mL
(Triplaris peruviana)
Other ingredients: Mineral water, Ethanol (20-24%)