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M&R Essentials Certified Organic Tamanu Oil
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  • M&R Essentials Certified Organic Tamanu Oil
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M&R Essentials Certified Organic Tamanu Oil
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*  Regenerates skin from burns, scars and cuts

*  Heals bruising
*  Used to treat harsh acne, eczema and dermatitis
*  Heaviest hydration ability to fight sun damage and smoking

*  Smells fantastic


You’re suffering from acne… You have scars… Your skin is very dry and damaged… You suffer from a skin condition such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea… You're sunburnt... You suffer from cold sores... You're wanting to reduce the size of old scars and/or stretch marks... You suffer from bruising or heavy legs...


We love our M&R Essentials Certified Organic Tamanu Oil as it is a major key in fighting acne, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea and other inflamed skin conditions. Tamanu Oil is a treatment oil with strong anti-inflammatory properties as well as strong anti-bacterial properties! Our Organic Tamanu Oil is our heaviest most hydrating oil so it is particularly good for fighting deep wrinkles caused by sun damage and smoking. We also love our Tamanu Oil as an after sun treatment as its deep hydration replenishes the skin. With its amazing healing and corrective powers our M&R Essentials Certified Organic Tamanu Oil is a very special product to us, in fact it was our first ever product.


M&R Essentials Certified Organic Tamanu Oil is a strong topical healing agent with anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, antibiotic, anti-fungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anticoagulant (sunburns, erythema), anti-neuralgic and cicatrising (skin healing) properties. Tamanu Oil's extraordinary healing properties have been used for patients with extreme burns, skin ulcers, acne blisters, diabetes sores, athlete's foot, infections, skin rashes, dermatitis, and psoriasis. It has been medically proven that Tamanu oil helps to moisturise, nourish and regenerate cells of the epidermis. 

Applied daily research shows consistent decrease in length and width of scars and improved appearance of aged scars and stretch marks (1 year or older). Our Organic Tamanu Oil can even increases microcirculation helping with bruising and issues like heavy legs and is a natural occurring antiviral treatment so it is good for cold sores and even shingles.


How do I use Tamanu Oil

Apply topically to affected area morning and night. When using at night please be beware the oil can stain white sheets.

Safe for all skin types:
Hypo allergenic, non irritant, non-sensitizing. Safe around delicate eye area

Extra information  


Tamanu Oil is produced from the seeds of the Tamanu tree (Calophyllum inophyllum) a large evergreen tree which is native to East Africa, southern coastal India to Melanesia and Australia. Besides being a popular ornamental plant, its wood is hard and strong; Traditional Pacific Islanders used it in construction and boatbuilding. Tamanu Oil is a traditional Melanesian skin care treatment used for centuries in Vanuatu and Tahiti and has long been considered a sacred gift from nature for skin protection and healing. The seeds yield a thick, dark green sticky oil for medicinal use or hair grease. Tamanu oils amazing skin healing properties have been studied since 1951. It is currently of high interest to The Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists for its anti-aging properties.

Support the People of Vanuatu

This oil exhibits a remarkable range of benefits and the increasing international awareness of these attributes is offering much needed employment opportunities for small communities. The harvesting of the nuts and the cold pressing into Tamanu Oil is a sustainable source of income for the Vanuatu people. This income provides much needed medicial care, education and basic necessities such as rice. Vanuatu also emits next to no carbon emissions.

Our Guarantee

M&R Essentials Certified Organic Oils are guaranteed certified organic and free from artificial colours, preservatives, gluten and Genetic modification. This guarantees quality for you and your family without any harmful additives, pesticides or herbicides.