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Lifestream AstaZan
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Lifestream AstaZan is a powerful antioxidant with higher levels of efficiency to address sunburn and aid in post-workout recovery. It contains natural Astaxanthin, vitamin E and lutein, which make the product unique and beneficial.

Astaxanthin in the capsule is produced in Hawaii islands in a perfect natural environment. Fish including salmon feed on this carotenoid, which gives them their pink color. Until recent past, consuming salmon in large quantities was the only way for humans to obtain Astaxanthin. Not anymore as Lifestream AstaZan has come as a replacement to provide you your share of Astaxanthin.

Why Lifestream AstaZan Is Unique

Lifestream AstaZan contains natural Astaxanthin, a high potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties to address various health conditions. Astaxanthin is also one of the safest and most effective antioxidants.

The formula’s unique structure helps the active ingredient to get beyond the blood -brain barrier so that the brain, nervous system and the eyes benefit from antioxidants.

Yet another uniqueness of Lifestream AstaZan is that it recycles and promotes the performance of other antioxidants including beta carotene, vitamin E, lycopene and glutathione.


The health benefits of Lifestream AstaZan are immense as the formula is a perfect combination of ingredients essential for health.

  • The formula protects you from ultraviolet radiation thereby limiting sunburn.
  • It is a wonderful post workout recovery supplement.
  • Its role as an antioxidant far outweighs vitamin E’s effectiveness.
  • It directly transports antioxidants to brain, eyes and nervous system.
  • Being a powerful antioxidant, it greatly reduces free radical damage.

Adults: Take one capsule per day, with food.
Children 6-12 Years: As directed by your health professional


Each soft gel capsule contains:
Natural Astaxanthin 4.00mg
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) 10.0mg
Lutein 40.0mcg


Lifestream AstaZan does not contain sunburn factor and hence is not a sunscreen or sunburn protectant product. Use this product along with sun protection including sunscreen and clothing protection.

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