Kiwiherb Organic Valerian Sleep Support

  • Kiwiherb Organic Valerian Sleep Support
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Kiwiherb Organic Valerian Sleep Support

$16.50 $17.90
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Kiwiherb Organic Valerian Sleep Support allows for a good night's sleep with is gently calming and soothing herbal formula. Valerian root extract is a relaxing herb found to have sedative properties. It is traditionally used for its ability to relieve nervous tension and stimulates deep sleep. If taken in the morning, the formula helps soothe anxiety and nervousness. If taken at night, it supports a restful slumber.

Kiwiherb Organic Valerian Sleep Support facilitates good sleep and brings the following benefits.

  • Provides relief from insomnia and sleep associated problems
  • Provides relief from symptoms of nervousness and anxiety
  • Gives health support during stress
  • Comes in convenient liquid formulation for greater dosage flexibility
  • Consists of organic ingredients

Use as directed


No artificial flavours, sweeteners, preservatives or colours are used in this product.


Do not use with sedative medication unless under professional advice.