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GO Healthy Go 5HTP 160mg One A Day

  • GO Healthy Go 5HTP 160mg One A Day

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GO Healthy Go 5HTP 160mg One A Day

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GO Healthy Go 5HTP 160mg One A Day Vegicaps

For a great sleep and good mood.

Supports a healthy mood, calms sleep disturbances and help curb cravings.

GO 5-HTP 160mg 1-A-DAY supports the healthy production of serotonin in the brain, which when released creates a feeling of well-being, supporting good mood. Healthy levels of 5-HTP are essential for healthy sleep patterns, healthy mood as well as calming and supporting the nervous system. GO 5-HTP 160mg is supplied in a superior strength, for those who need extra support.

GO 5-HTP 160mg 1-A-Day FAQs

Q: Can this product be taken during pregnancy or lactation?
A: Not recommended during these times.

Q: Is this product suitable for vegetarians and vegans?
A: Yes. The ingredients and the capsule are all vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Q: Can 5-HTP be taken while on anti-depressants?
A: 5-HTP can not be taken while on anti-depressants, unless under strict guidance of a healthcare professional. Caution is also advised with other medications, such as sleeping prescription medications. If on medications, please check with your Healthcare Professional prior to taking 5-HTP.



Adults: Take 1 VegeCap daily.
Best taken before bed, on an empty stomach. Or as directed by your Healthcare Professional.



5-HTP ((160mg))