Claratyne Syrup
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Claratyne Syrup
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Claratyne Syrup 100mL delivers all day, 24-hour fast acting relief from symptoms of allergies, hayfever and hives (chronic urticaria). It is specially formulated to prevent drowsiness. A daily dosage provides symptomatic relief from the following:

  • Frequent sneezes
  • Having a runny nose
  • Having irritated, watery eyes
  • Having itchy rashes

Claratyne Syrup 100mL is suitable for children 12 months and above. Its liquid formulation allow for ease of delivery. Children can easily take in its easy to swallow formula to relieve symptoms of allergies and hayfever.

Effective Treatment of Claratyne

Allergic reactions vary in intensity; it can range from mild reactions to moderate and severe ones. For some individuals, their severe allergic reactions are called as anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis needs serious and quick medical attention for its grim impact on one's health.

Antihistamines, such as Claratyne Syrup 100mL, function by inhibiting histamine release in the body. Histamines are usually produced to combat harmful substances in the body. However, they can mistake neutral substances as harmful ones and attack them. Once that occurs, antihistamines become the cause of irritation and other symptoms related to allergies and hay fever.

The Action of Antihistamines

Antihistamines are used for the treatment of symptoms associated with allergies including sneezing, itching and watery eyes. It can also treat insect bites and inflammatory conditions of the skin. If you are unsure of which antihistamine would suit you best please contact our pharmacist.

NetPharmacy offers an excellent range of natural antihistamines


Adults and Children over 12 Years: 10ml once daily.
Children 2-12 years over 30kg: 10ml once daily.
Children 2-12 years under 30kg: 5ml once daily.
Children 1-2 years: 2.5ml once daily.


Loratadine 1mg/ml


The safe use of loratadine during pregnancy or lactation has not been established. If you have liver disease check with your doctor or pharmacist before commencing treatment.

Although the medicine is unlikely to affect your ability to drive or oper