Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit
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  • Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit

Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit
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Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit Promotes & Maintains FRESH Breath
The specialised BLIS K12 Fresh Breath Kit is unique in that it promotes and maintains fresh breath, rather than temporarily masking the problem odour.

While there are a number of possible causes for bad breath, most cases are the result of protein breakdown by undesirable bacteria that inhabit the tongue. These bacteria are buried deep in the coating of the tongue which builds up daily and produce the ‘Volatile Sulphur Compounds’ responsible for the bad smells.

Research has shown that people with healthy breath have high levels of the beneficial oral bacteria Streptococcus salivarius living on their tongue. People with bad breath often have low levels of Streptococcus salivarius on their tongue and may become inhabited with problem-causing bacteria responsible for bad breath. This bacterial imbalance often arises because of an underlying condition such as low saliva flow, post nasal drip or use of certain medicines, as well as antibiotics.

The first step is to clean the teeth and tongue, by physical brushing and flossing of the teeth, and then use the tongue cleaning tool to remove the coating on the tongue. In addition the CD1 & CD2 mouthwash system provided, which is a high strength anti-bacterial mouthwash, is used once a week. This reduces the number of odour-causing bacteria.

The second step is to take BLIS Streptococcus salivarius K12. This is the world’s only probiotic for the mouth and throat. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that when taken in sufficient doses confer health benefits to the consumer.

• Maintain good oral hygiene, brush and floss both morning and evening.
• Regularly use a tongue cleaner.
• Keep the mouth moist by drinking water regularly and avoid alcohol, commercial mouthwash with alcohol, and smoking.
• Chew Xylitol gum after meals to increase saliva flow and to remove food debris.
• Clean your teeth and tongue after eating foods high in protein, such as fish, meat, and cheese. Try substituting dairy milk with rice milk.
• Consume proteins (e.g. meat, cheese) at dinner rather than lunch, if you are unable to clean your teeth straight after lunch.
• Avoid eating strong smelling foods such as onions and garlic.
• Schedule regular dental visits for a professional clean and check-up, especially if you have bleeding gums.


Day 1 and every 7th day thereafter:
• Combine equal volumes of CD1 and CD2 mouthwash (approximately 5ml of each) in the measuring cup provided. Set aside for 5 minutes to activate.
• Brush teeth and floss as usual.
• Gently clean the tongue with a tongue cleaner. Start at the back of the tongue and scrape gently towards the tip of the tongue.
• Rinse with activated mouthwash for at least 30 seconds (max 60 seconds). Swirl around the mouth. EXPEL- DO NOT SWALLOW.
• Take a BLIS K12 Fresh Breath lozenge, and slowly dissolve on your tongue.
• Over the next 6 hours, take a further three BLIS K12 lozenges,each at around 2 hour intervals.

All other days: In the morning clean teeth, use the tongue cleaner and rinse well with water. Take one BLIS K12 lozenge. Always brush teeth and floss in the mornings and at night.

Follow instructions for best results. We recommend continuous and un-interrupted use of the BLIS K12 Fresh Breath Kit.
Maximum daily dose of BLIS K12 is four lozenges a day.


Blis K12 Fresh Breath Kit (4 Weeks Supply) Contains:
- 40 Blis K12 Peppermint Lozenges
- 4 doses of High-strength Mouthwash
- Tongue cleaner
- Mixing container

Lozenges Ingredients
Isomalt, Streptococcus salivarius K12 (not less than 100 million live bacteria per dose), tabletting aids, peppermint flavour.

CD1 mouthwash contains:
Water, Sodium chlorite

CD2 Mouthwash Activator contains:
Water, Xylitol, Citric acid, Spearmint flavour

This product is dairy and gluten free.


See your healthcare or dental professional if symptoms persist, or before taking this product if you suffer from immune compromised conditions.
Do not swallow CD1, CD2 or the combined mouthwash.
Never make your tongue bleed from brushing or cleaning too hard.
Suitable for adults or children 6 years of age and over.
Store below 25°C.

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