Anthisan Cream 2%

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Anthisan Cream 2%

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Anthisan Cream 2% 25g is a topically applied product used for the treatment of insect bites, stings or nettle rash. It can be used two to three times daily for three days. Application of the cream is best done as soon as the bite or sting is inflicted on the affected individual. It serves as a first aid treatment and temporary pain reliever as soon as it is applied on the skin area.

Anthisan Cream 2% 25g is an effective bite and sting relief. It immediately soothes pain and eases itchiness due to insect stings. To use, it must be directly applied on the area of the bite or sting. A generous application of the cream over the bitten or stung area is recommended for optimal results.

Anthisan Cream 2% 25g gives relief from the following conditions:

  • Itchiness
  • Pain
  • Swelling or inflammation
The Action of Antihistamines

Antihistamines are used for the treatment of symptoms associated with allergies including sneezing, itching and watery eyes. It can also treat insect bites and inflammatory conditions of the skin. If you are unsure of which antihistamine would suit you best please contact our pharmacist.

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Anthisan cream should be applied directly to the site of the insect bite or sting, or nettle rash two to three times a day for up to three days. For best results use as soon as possible after the bite or sting.


Anthisan cream contain mepryamine maleate 2% w/w. Other ingredients include: ceto-stearyl alcohol, polyethylene glycol 600 monostearate, castor oil, methylhydroxybenzoate, foin coupe, silicone antifoam, purified water.


Do not use Anthisan cream if you have eczema or extensively broken skin. Discontinue use should skin sensitivity occur. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. Keep out of reach of children.