Amo Ultrazyme Protein Remover Tablets
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  • Amo Ultrazyme Protein Remover Tablets

Amo Ultrazyme Protein Remover Tablets
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Once a Week - extra deep cleaning/protein removal for ultra comfort.

Nothing else makes cleaning so easy or saves this much time. Ultrazyme® Enzymatic Cleaner takes as little as 15 minutes!


  • Intense cleaning and protein removal for ultra comfort.
  • 100% of protein removed with once-weekly soaking overnight.
  • Suitable for use with all 3% hydrogen peroxide system.
  • Promotes longer lens life.
  • For all soft contact lenses.
  • 10 weeks supply.

All soft contact lenses accumulate protein from your tears. Wearing contact lenses for prolonged period can often result in build up of deposits and protein which can make lens wearing uncomfortable. Weekly protein removal with Ultrazyme Protein Remover Tablets will ensure lens wearing comfort and help extend the life of your lenses.


Contact Lens: Use as directed. Dissolve ultrazyme tablet in omnicare 1 step disinfecting solution. Use once a week to clean and remove protein and other deposits. Refer to package insert for complete directions and important safety information.

Usage and Directions

Use Ultrazyme® Enzymatic Cleaner once a week, or more often as recommended by your eye care practitioner.


Contact Lens: Subtilisin-A 0.4mg/tablet


Contact Lens: Not to be taken. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if allergic to subtilisin-A.

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