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Ametop Gel (NZ Only)
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  • Ametop Gel (NZ Only)

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Ametop Gel (NZ Only)
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Topical anaesthetic gel which contains amethocaine (the active ingredient), which is applied to the skin. Ametop Gel (tetracaine) is a local anesthetic that produces temporary numbness when applied to the skin 30-45 minutes prior to the procedure. The gel is usually applied with a dressing over the top of it to hold the gel in place. It can be used prior to having blood taken or other procedures that require temporary numbing.

How does AMETOP Gel work?
The amethocaine stops the nerve cells from sending pain messages to the brain.

What is AMETOP Gel used for?
To numb the area of skin prior to having blood taken (venepuncture) and before having a cannula inserted into the veins for the administration of drugs or fitting a drip (venous cannulation). It is not licensed to be used prior to injections and vaccinations or for body piercing, tattoos etc. It is also not to be used to alleviate the pain of an injury.

How to use AMETOP Gel
Apply AMETOP Gel* to unbroken skin. (Do not rub it in). One tube has the required amount needed to anaesthetise one area on an adult and two areas on a child on a single occasion. Although the tube contains 1.5g it is designed to deliver 1g. The gel is then covered with a dressing such as OpSite* Flexigrid*, to keep the gel close to body temperature and stop the gel from being rubbed off. The gel takes 30 minutes to numb the skin prior to having blood taken and takes 45 minutes to numb the area prior to venous cannulation. The gel must not be left on the skin for any longer than 60 minutes.

Ametop should not be used in the following instances:

  • Allergy to local anesthetics or any of its components
  • Application to the eyes or ears 
  • Broken skin or open wounds 
  • Infants under one month of age 
  • Lining of the body's cavities (mucous membranes) 
  • Premature infants 

How long does AMETOP Gel work for?
The gel will numb the skin for 4 - 6 hours.

What may occur?
You will frequently see redness of the skin where the gel has been applied; don't worry, this is the action of the amethocaine and is to be expected. Also, very occasionally there can be a slight swelling or itching of the skin where the gel has been applied; this is a histamine reaction and only occurs in a small number of people. In the very rare instance of a blister forming, remove the Ametop immediately. The product must not be used on babies under 1 month from the expected due date.

Other topical anaesthetics are available, but Ametop is the only one that can be bought from a pharmacist without a prescription.

AMETOP Gel* produces anaesthesia of the skin prior to venepuncture. Always read the enclosed leaflet.

Tetracaine 4%

Ametop should not be used internally (it is for external use only), should not be applied for more than 30-45 minutes, should only be applied to intact skin. If blistering occurs, remove the gel immediately

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