Amazonia Raw Vitamin C
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  • Amazonia Raw Vitamin C

Amazonia Raw Vitamin C
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Amazonia Raw Vitamin C is a powerful raw superfood formula designed to promote immunity and strengthen the digestive system. It is also highly recommended for collagen production. It is rich in vitamin C, which is naturally sourced from various fruits and vegetables including acerola, papaya, pomegranate, passionfruit, carrot and beetroot. It also contains aloe vera, prebiotics and probiotics.


Why Is Amazonia Raw Vitamin C Unique
  • Amazonia Raw Vitamin C is a whole food that contains extracts of a wide range of fruits and vegetables.
  • Per serve is loaded with over 500mg of whole vitamin C, which is equivalent to 9 small sized oranges.
  • Certified organic.
  • Sourced from nature’s richest vitamin C foods such as acerola, gubinge, camu camu, baobab and rosehip.
  • Alkalizing and vegan.
  • Does not contain artificial and synthetic nutrients and minerals.
  • Dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten, corn and GMOs are not present.


How Does Amazonia Raw Vitamin C Work

Amazonia Raw Vitamin C is a rich source of vitamin C obtained from organically grown fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C boosts immunity and inhibits free radical damage thereby preventing cell degeneration.

Vitamin C boosts production of collagen, a protein, which is abundant in the human body.

Aloe vera in the supplement is effective for improving digestion.

Probiotics, the live bacteria, promotes health. It is highly effective for digestive health.


  • Amazonia Raw Vitamin C boosts immunity.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Supports collagen production, which keeps your skin firm.



Mix 5g to 10g (1 or 2 heaped teaspoons) daily in 300ml of water. Delicious with rice, almond or coconut milk (avoid dairy if possible). Sprinkle on cereal, with yoghurt or with non acidic juices (apple). For optimal performance take up to 40g daily.

Refrigerate after opening, use a dry spoon & use within 90 days of opening. Warning: do not consume the enclosed absorbent device.


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