Amazonia Raw Slim & Tone - Cacao & Macadamia
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  • Amazonia Raw Slim & Tone - Cacao & Macadamia

Amazonia Raw Slim & Tone - Cacao & Macadamia
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Amazonia Raw Slim & Tone Protein (Cacao & Macadamia) is a powerful weight loss formula that reduces your cravings and makes you lose weight the healthy way. The supplement is loaded with essential nutrients and hence it promotes health and aids in weight loss. It contains cacao, macadamia, sprouts and extracts of parsley, aloe vera and gingko. It also contains organic herbs and spices including liquorice, ginger, cayenne pepper and cinnamon.

Why Is Amazonia Raw Slim & Tone Protein Unique

  • Amazonia Raw Slim & Tone Protein is certified organic.
  • It tastes deliciously creamy.
  • It is a low carb diet.
  • The formula is sugar free.
  • It does not contain artificial flavors.
  • It is free of wheat, gluten, dairy and GMO soy.

How Does Amazonia Raw Slim & Tone Protein Work

Amazonia Raw Slim & Tone Protein (Cacao & Macadamia) contains protein, sprouts, minerals and herbs that make you feel full and reduce food cravings. Thus it promotes healthy weight loss.

Cacao is a rich source of dietary fiber, which gives you a feeling of fullness without extra calories. By postponing hunger, cacao aids in weight loss.

Macadamia keeps your hunger at bay. Palmitoleic acid in macadamia speeds up fat metabolism and inhibits the ability of your body to store fat.

Herbs in the health supplement fight bad bacteria and promote digestion. By combating bad bacteria, which causes weight gain, the health formula promotes weight loss. The blend of protein, herbs, sprouts, thermogenic spices, trace minerals and alkalizing greens keep you satisfied and aid in weight management. The supplement speeds up the effects of balanced diet and exercise.

Using Amazonia Raw Slim & Tone Protein along with Amazonia Raw Sugar Crave Release and Amazonia Pre-Probiotics will produce impressive results.


  • Amazonia Raw Slim & Tone Protein is highly nutritious and makes you feel full for longer.
  • It boosts metabolism.
  • It fights bad digestive bacteria.
  • It is bio-fermented.
  • It contains live sprouted protein, which aid in weight management.

    Blend 3 rounded tablespoons (30g) into 200ml of water, almond milk, oat milk, rice milk, natural juice or smoothie.

    Choose your serving size as required:

    Active (30g serve) = 21.7g protein

    Endurance (45g serve) = 32.55g protein

    Performance (60g serve) = 43.4g protein


    Refrigerate after opening, use a dry spoon & consume within 90 days of opening.


    Cacao & Macadamia Ingredients: 
    Organic Sprouted Protein Blend 28.3g (Sprouted, Bio-Fermented Golden Pea Protein*, Raw Cacao and Cocoa Bean Blend*, Quinoa*, Sprout Blend*: Amaranth Sprout*, Quinoa Sprout*, Millet Sprout*, Buckwheat Sprout*, Chick Pea Sprout*, Lentil Sprout*, Adzuki Sprout*, Alfalfa Sprout*, Flax Sprout*, Sunflower Sprout*, Pumpkin Sprout*, Chia Sprout*, Sesame Sprout*). Organic Nutrient-dense greens blend 850mg (Natural Sea Mineral Complex, Spinach leaf*, Nettle leaf*, Maca root*, Acai juice*, Nopal cladode*, Lemon juice). Organic Herb & Spice digestive bacteria blend 490mg (Cinnamon*, Cloves*, Liquorice*, Nutmeg*, Ginger*, Cayenne Pepper*) (Dandelion extract, Siberian Ginseng extract, Aloe Vera extract, Kelp extract, Parsley extract, Rosehip extract, Gingko extract, Gotu Kola extract, Milk Thistle extract). Natural Cacao (Chocolate) and Macadamia Blend 290mg (Natural Chocolate Flavour, Stevia, Natural Macadamia flavour). * Certified Organic. May contain trace of nuts.