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Health & Beauty Brands

NetPharmacy's ability to sell prescription-only products means that we can offer a variety of brands to our valued customers. Looking for brand-name superfoods? We've got 'em! Top-of-the-line pharmacy products? Look no further! From skincare to supplements, we offer all the products you need from some of Australia and New Zealand's most trusted brands.

Our inventory contains pharmacy goods from more than 230 different brands. Some of these companies - such as Blackmores, Neutrogena, Nature's Way, Solgar, Avene and Cetaphil - are internationally known best sellers. Others are more boutique retailers whose products carry the appeal of being locally made and naturally harvested.





















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Health supplements

Blackmores: One of Australia's most well-known and trusted natural health brands, Blackmores prides itself on having taken a deliberate stance on natural health for more than 70 years. As a company, Blackmores offers quality products alongside naturopathic consultations. The brand has an award-winning campus dedicated to sustainability and design innovation.

We offer our customers a diverse array of Blackmores products. From probiotics, men's and women's multivitamins, and vitamin C tablets to magnesium supplements and cod liver oil, if you desire a natural way to boost your health, our portfolio of Blackmores goods likely has what you're looking for.

Comvita: With an array of products inspired by bees, Comvita was founded in 1974. The brand is New Zealand's leading producer of manuka honey, a produce derived from the honey of bees that have fed off the native manuka tree. Comvita's products are made with additive-free honey that has been sourced from New Zealand bees.

NetPharmacy's Comvita offerings include bee pollen capsules, bilberry, manuka honey, children's lollipops, lozenges and manuka oil.

Clinicians: Clinicians' take on health comes from the perspective that supplements should work with modern medications to produce desired effects within the body. This science-focused company prides itself on creating products that supplement health and support the body. Clinicians was founded in 1997 by two pharmacists whose belief was that pharmaceuticals alone weren't the answer to modern health needs.

We offer a variety of Clinicians supplements that target important aspects of health such as blood sugar, cholesterol, joint care, cognitive function and digestive health.

Finally, we also offer supplements from numerous other trusted companies, such as GoodHealth and Go Healthy.

Natural skin care

Trilogy: Trilogy offers skincare that goes above and beyond the call of duty to enhance beauty while promoting skin health. The company released its first products - all made with natural rosehip oil - in New Zealand and Australia in 2002. Since that time, more and more people have discovered the benefits of natural skincare, and Trilogy has seen its portfolio of products grow.

NetPharmacy sells a spectrum of Trilogy products to cover all your skincare needs, from body lotions and oil treatments to facial moisturisers and exfoliants.

We also offer skincare products from trusted beauty providers such as Antipodes and Avene.


Ceres: Named after Ceres, the Roman goddess of the harvest, Ceres uses organic foods to craft high-quality products consumers need to stay healthy. From grains and oils to sauces and canned foods, Ceres' high-quality ingredients make all the difference in both flavour and health factor.

We offer a variety of foods from Ceres, including numerous nut butters (such as peanut, cashew, sunflower and almond), organic muesli and coconut oil.

In addition to Ceres, we offer high-quality food products from companies such as Matakana Superfoods and Roar.