Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil
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  • Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil

Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil
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Envision and attain smoother skin with the unparalleled beauty benefits from Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil 100%!

“Winner of Irish Evening Herald Beauty Awards 2013”
“Winner of Australian Women’s Weekly Product of the Year 2011”
“Winner of Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Hot 100 2011”

Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil 100% is a deluxe skin care formulation harnessing pure and potent rosehip oil naturally sourced from rosehip petals perfect for entire skin nourishment and repair. Rosehip oil works in addressing skin concerns like scars and stretch marks, as well as aged or parched skin. Complete with essential fatty acids from omegas 3, 6 to 9, it delivers the finest quality oils for nurturing a healthy skin.
Trilogy’s very own team of expert researchers have conducted independent clinical studies proving the efficacy and potency of Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil 100%.  The outcome of the study has yielded significant results showing remarkable improvement in stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, and overall skin texture and appearance.

The Beauty Treatment: How to Apply

First, cleanse face, neck and décolletage. Squeeze 2-3 drops onto the cleansed areas and massage mildly but thoroughly. Follow this skin care regimen every morning/night. If possible, apply before using moisturisers.

Pro-Beauty Advantages of Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil 100%
Treat yourself to the pro-beauty benefits this product brings:
  • Nourishing
  • Skin strengthening and repair
  • Reduction of scars, stretch marks
  • Refining skin appearance
  • Full of vital fatty acids (omega-3, omega- 6, omega-9)
  • With proven and reliable long-lasting results
Proven Results of Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil 100%*
  • Improvement in scar areas by 26%
  • Improvement in scar colour by 41%
  • Improvement in scar appearance by 27%
  • Improvement in stretch mark areas by 43%
  • Improvement in stretch mark depth by 32%
  • Improvement in stretch mark width by 31%
  • Improvement in stretch mark color by 26%
  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles by 23%
  • Smoother skin by 21%
  • Enhanced skin moisture by 44%

*Independent clinical studies done by Trilogy Skincare


Apply 2-3 drops(1ml) to palm of hand and use fingertips to massage gently into clean skin. Apply before sleeping as a deeply moisturising and nourishing overnight facial. Recommended for use in conjunction with Trilogy vital repair cream.


100% Rosa canina seed oil, 20ml equiv fatty acids - 16ml

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