Lifestream Chlorella 500mg

  • Lifestream Chlorella 500mg


Lifestream Chlorella 500mg

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A green Microalgae rich in RNA/DNA nucleic acids and a rich natural source of Chlorophyll,a potent purifier which attaches itself to and removes Heavy Metals, Toxins and Pollutants. Can repair damaged Organs/Tissues. Aids the liver in ridding the body of toxins, cleans and flushes out stored pollutants in the body and acts as an internal deodorant, helping to refresh the bowel and breath and reduce body odour. Ideal for those wishing to maintain a clean and healthy bowel and liver and those feeling in need of a general 'detox' or 'cleanout'. Nature's ultimate detoxifier, cleanser and deodoriser. Nature's richest source of Chlorofyll 60% protein and packed with enzymes, antioxidants, essential amino acids and other micronutrients. Available in tablets or powder to make your own delicious smoothie.

Give your body an internal deodorant Lifestream Chlorella cleans the body on many levels:
• Cleans and flushes out stored waste and pollutants in the body
• Aids the liver in ridding the body of toxins
• Acts as an internal deodorant, refreshing the bowel and breath and helping to reduce body odour
• Helps cleanse stagnant blood


(Recommended for Adults)
Take between meals for greater detoxification. You may experience changes in bowel motions, headaches, spots or tiredness during the early stages of a cleanse. Drink 4 – 8 glasses of pure water per day whilst using Chlorella to help flush out toxins.

Suggested Dose: Week 1: Two tablets per day. Increase to 4 – 8 tablets per day as required. Use as directed.


100% Premium 'Outdoor-Grown' Lifestream Chlorella. We guarantee absolutely no synthetic binders, fillers or additives.


Do not take Chlorella at the same time of day as prescription medicine. Please seek the advice of a qualified health care professional if you are combining Chlorella with essential medication. In the very rare case of vomiting or nausea or if intestinal pain or constipation continues, discontinue use and seek healthcare advice immediately.