Disposable KN95 Face Mask

  • Disposable KN95 Face Mask
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Disposable KN95 Face Mask

$89.91 $99.90

You Save $9.99 (10% off)

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Please note personal hygiene protection products are not refundable.

This Disposable KN95 Face Mask is made with advanced material to provide smooth breath and efficient filtration. It is effective to protect against dust, haze, bacterial and droplets etc.

  • Efficient filtration: Filtering rate above 99% with gases, dust, pollen, smog, germs and bacteria effectively.
  • 4 Layer purification: Filament on-woven fabric, flexible moderate thickness, adsorption particles, double layer electrostatic filter, highly effective barrier particles.
  • Smooth breathing: Flexible metal fastening strip ensures optimal sealing between the bridge of the nose and the mask.
  • Ergonomic design: Comfortable to wear, low impedance filter material and no odor.
  • Secure seal: Soft metal fixation strip for best seal between nasal beam and mask.

KN95 is the Chinese standard for Air-Purifying Respiratory Protective Devices and it is equivalent to US NIOSH N95 and European FFP2 respirators, for filtering non-oil-based particles such as those resulting from wildfires, PM 2.5 air pollution, volcanic eruptions, or bioaerosols (e.g. viruses), according to 3M's comparison test.

Usage Instruction

  1. Properly holding your mask.
  2. Press the mask against your face with the metallic strip uppermost.
  3. Place the bands around both ears.
  4. Mould the metallic strip over nose bridge and the mask shouldn't snugly over the face.


  • DO NOT use the mask for child.
  • DO NOT use the mask in medical and surgical environments.
  • DO NOT use in an environment with oxygen concentration below 19.5%.
  • DO NOT use the respirator with bears or other facial hair that interferes with direct contact between the face and the edge of the respirator.
  • DO NOT use the mask in toxic gas environment.

Note: This respirator helps protect against certain contaminants but may not eliminate the risk of contracting disease or infection. If you cannot achieve satisfactory fit, do not enter the contaminated area. See your supervisor.

Keep storage area dry at room temperature and do not wash the mask with water.


Product is made in China and imported by a local New Zealand distributor