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Skinnies Kids SPF50+ Sungel

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Skinnies KIDS is a sunscreen revolution made for adventure loving youngsters. Here’s the thing, we all know that kids hate slapping on white, greasy sunscreen that runs into their eyes. So, we’ve changed the game. Skinnies KIDS leads the way as a waterless gel that feels amazing on the skin and best of all, our super duper Organogel technology means – a little goes a long way.

Made with safe and high-perfoming UVA and UVB broad spectrum sunscreen actives including; Octocrylene, bemotrizinol, uvinul a plus, and coconut oil & aloe leaf extract to soothe the skin. Skinnies KIDS is perfect for active kids and suitable for babies from 3 months old.

No water? why is this so great?

Normal sunscreens contain 50-70% water (which doesn’t protect you from the sunshine!). Having water as the main ingredient in sunscreen means you have to slop lots on, it’s white and greasy, you have to wait 15-20 minutes for the water to evaporate and you need to reapply often.

Skinnies is not diluted with water so it’s like a concentrate. It’s super effective and a little goes a long way.

What is this Organogel?

Skinnies Organogel forms a thin layer on top of your skin holding the UV filters in place so Skinnies does what it should, where it should. There’s no wait time for dry down or evaporation. It provides instant broad spectrum UV protection. 

How do you use it?

Skinnies is great for face & body. Use Skinnies thoroughly and sparingly for instant long lasting UV protection. A pea size blob will cover your face, neck and ears.

The industry recommended amount of normal sunscreen for your whole body is a shot glass (30ml). With Skinnies you use a teaspoon amount (around 6ml) for your body - 5 times less than typical sunscreens!

Check the water resistance rating and reapply if you’re in the water for extended periods or if you towel dry yourself.

What’s in it?

Skinnies is made with minimal ingredients for maximum efficacy. All ingredients rate well on EWG and Paula’s Choice. There are no ingredients of animal origin so it’s safe for vegans.

We’ve opted for chemical UV filters as well as physical to make sure Skinnies protects you from UVA and UVB rays (it’s broad spectrum) and leaves your skin clear and not white.

Organogel base, Octocrylene 45mg/g, Bemotrizinol 45mg/g, Uvinul A Plus 45mg/g, Coconut Oil, Aloe Leaf Extract.

A note on Oxybenzone. When we reformulated Skinnies in New Zealand in 2012 (to meet the new sunscreen regulations) Oxybenzone didn’t have the bad PR rap it has now with regard to coral reef bleaching. While there is only one piece of research using Oxybenzone at 1,000 times the concentration found in the ocean, at Skinnies we have decided not to use Oxybenzone in new Skinnies products and we are phasing it out of all products.

What’s not in it?

Skinnies does not contain: water, parabens, preservatives, alcohol, thickeners, emulsifiers, nano-particles, fragrances, mineral or paraffin oil, di-methicone or silicones.