Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Wild Strawberry

  • Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Wild Strawberry


Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Wild Strawberry

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Nuzest Clean Lean Protein 10 x 20g Sachets

10 Daily Serves - Convenient Packs!

Clean Lean Protein is a 100% vegetable protein isolate made from European Golden Peas. It has the highest protein content of any vegetable protein, is very low in fat, and comes all the way from Belgium. It's also low in sugar and carbs, and is free from gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, soy, and GMOs.

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein features readily digestible low fat protein that’s non-acidic! Complete with its alkaline advantage, this whey protein supplement is a high source of vegetable protein. What’s more, it is specially formulated as gluten, dairy and GMO free. Not only is it suitable for athletes, but for healthy individuals also! The whey protein is harnessed from excellent Golden Peas naturally grown in Europe for an all natural, all vegetable isolate. Introducing protein with natural flavors, the supplement is assured of quality and safety as it goes in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein delivers the following advantages:

  • High vegetable protein source that’s easily digestible. Contains about 90% protein that is superior compared to carob, rice or soy protein. Plus, the
  • protein features 98% digestibility rating
  • Golden Pea protein has a 7.8 pH reading, hence an alkaline protein. Alkaline protein slows down lactic acid production during prolonged physical activity
  • Contains 1.3% low fat and low carbohydrate levels
  • Contains all essential amino acids, including glutamine
  • Low in allergens and gluten free
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Perfect for those taking Paleo diet

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein introduces the health benefits of protein:

  • Repair. Protein is needed in tissue and muscle repair and prevents muscle wasting and dry skin.
  • Growth. Protein is essential during the growth and development of children, even adults.
  • Strength. Protein supports improved strength.
  • Vitality. Protein promotes good energy levels and healthy weight management. Fights against lethargy.
  • Happiness. Protein helps manage your mood and prevents depression and irritability.



Mix with natural juice, your choice of milk, low fat yoghurt or just water. For a delicious smoothie, blend with banana, mango or berries. You can even bake Pea Protein in cakes and biscuits.


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