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Beelab is a 100% New Zealand-owned company promoting good oral health care. Beelab directly sources local ingredients from only accredited GMP manufacturers. This nature-conscious brand uses only ethical, high quality ingredients following NZ good manufacturing practices.

Beelab Benefits

Beelab is superbly 100% New Zealand pure for oral health. Its raw materials are from the finest ingredients like propolis, manuka honey and kiwifruit which provide the best quality tooth gels. Manuka Honey delivers natural healing properties known as the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF). Manuka Honey helps reduce cavities, gingivitis and plaque using its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Propolis contains antimicrobial properties that prevent oral disease and fight dental cavities. Kiwifruit also protects teeth and gums from sores while providing a great combination of vitamin C, dietary fiber and minerals. Last but definitely not the least is aloe vera with its gentle healing effect.

Beelab Products

Their array of products seeks to provide ethical care for healthy teeth, gums and mouth. • Beelab Children’s Tooth Gel with Manuka Honey & Propolis, Kiwifruit Flavour – features a sweet taste masking just a hint of sourness. • Beelab Children’s Tooth Gel with Manuka Honey & Propolis, Melon Flavour – comes with a sweet, refreshing taste. • Beelab Children’s Tooth Gel with Manuka Honey & Propolis, Orange Flavour – delivers the juicy, tangy taste of orange. • Beelab Children’s Tooth Gel with Manuka Honey & Propolis, Strawberry Flavour – is a saccharine delight to your teeth! • Beelab Manuka Honey& Propolis Tooth Gel, Natural Mint Flavour – offers a cooling sensation while protecting your teeth and gums. • Beelab Pregnancy Women Tooth Gel with Manuka Honey Mint Flavour – is safe to use by pregnant mothers during this delicate time of their lives.

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