Rachelle the Raw Pharmacist just invented FREE Facebook Pharmacist Health Consults for Everyone!

Rachelle the Raw Pharmacist just invented FREE Facebook Pharmacist Health Consults for Everyone!

What do you get when you combine the power of instant communication on the world’s biggest platform (Facebook), an amazing Pharmacist with extensive knowledge and a passion to provide the best possible service and health advice to as many people as possible with a well established internet based pharmacy with over 4000 awesome quality products on offer?


Imagine this scenario, you’ve been feeling a little rundown, lethargic, moody and anxious. At times you’ve had diarrhea and you’ve been overly susceptible to bugs and germs going around, resulting in more time off work than normal. All in all you just aren’t feeling quite right and whilst the symptoms don’t worry you enough to take time out of your working day to book and attend a doctor's appointment, you still want some guidance and reliable personalised health advice on how you can get back to being in good health, with an abundance of energy, strong immune system, feeling relaxed and happy.

Hmmm…. Don’t you just wish there was a health professional you could trust that is able to talk to you in your preferred time from the comfort of your own home via something like Facebook Messenger, diagnose what the hell is going on inside your body, give you quality advice, recommend appropriate products, and have them delivered to your door at fantastic low online prices?

Well imagine no more, Rachelle Kazenbroot (the founder of one of New Zealand’s first online pharmacies who has also been dubbed ‘The Raw Pharmacist’ by local media) has rebuilt her online pharmacy (www.netpharmacy.co.nz) from the ground up and added in FREE Personal Health Consults via Facebook Messenger. The idea came to her when a loyal customer that frequents her two physical pharmacies in Auckland suggested it would be far easier if she could just contact her on FB Messenger and use her online pharmacy to get the better online prices and have the products delivered to her door.

After discussing this thought with a progressive tech expert in Melbourne Australia, Rachelle set about building an online solution that is specifically mobile optimised with quality health advice and quality products as it’s core building blocks. The great thing about this new approach is that not only do you get the fantastic prices that has enabled Netpharmacy to build it’s strong 75,000+ online customers base, you can now upload prescriptions directly from your phone, get amazing service as well as Personal Health Consults and diagnosis at no extra cost. Rachelle has amazing qualified pharmacists along with herself manning the Facebook messenger consults so you can always trust that you are getting the very best health advice.

She hasn’t stopped there either, her professional social channels branded ‘the Raw Pharmacist’ on instagram and facebook are also utilising ‘live technology’ to do broader consults and give ‘live’ advice on a huge range of seasonal topics. Generally these are run weekly on Tuesday and Friday at 8pm NZ time (6pm AEST). So jump on facebook and follow her pages to get the latest updates and reminders on the live sessions and what is being covered.

P.S when you first go on the Netpharmacy website there is also a pop up that gives you an instant 10% off your first purchase so get onboard and give it a try out today!

P.P.S Netpharmacy ships worldwide and already has a strong customer base in New Zealand, Australia, the US, UK, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore and China.


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