Xylocaine Jelly 2% 30g

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Xylocaine Jelly 2% 30g


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    Xylocaine 2% Jelly are indicated as a surface anaesthetic and lubricant for:

    •The male and female urethra during cystoscopy, catheterisation, exploration by sound and other endourethral procedures.
    •Nasal and pharyngeal cavities in endoscopic procedures such as gastroscopy and bronchoscopy.
    •During proctoscopy and rectoscopy.
    •Tracheal intubation.
    •To relieve pain after circumcision in children.

    Xylocaine 2% Jelly provides prompt and profound anaesthesia of mucous membranes and lubrication which reduces friction. Its water-miscible base, characterised by high viscosity and low surface tension, brings the anaesthetic into intimate and prolonged contact with the tissue, giving effective anaesthesia of long duration (approx. 20-30 min). Anaesthesia usually occurs rapidly (within 5 min, depending upon the area of application).

    Lignocaine like other local anaesthetics, causes a reversible blockade of impulse propagation along nerve fibres by preventing the inward movement of sodium ions through the nerve membrane. Local anaesthetics of the amide type are thought to act within the sodium channels of the nerve membrane.

    Local anaesthetic drugs may also have similar effects on excitable membranes in the brain and myocardium. If excessive amounts of drug reach the systemic circulation rapidly, symptoms and signs of toxicity will appear, emanating from the central nervous and cardiovascular systems


    Apply topically as directed. In children under the age of 12 years the dose should not exceed 6 mg/kg. No more than four doses should be given in a 24 hour period. Use strictly as directed.


    Xylocaine 2%


    If the dose or administration is likely to result in high blood levels, some patients require special attention to prevent potentially dangerous side effects: Patients with partial or complete heart block, The elderly and patients in poor general health, Patients with advanced liver disease or severe renal dysfunction. May cause central nervous system and cardivascular system toxicity.

    Consultation Request:

    Consultation Request:
    Medicines have benefits and some have risks. Always read the label carefully and use strictly as directed. If symptoms persist or you have side effects please consult your doctor, pharmacist or healthcare professional. Vitamins are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.