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Pamela G

Vitamin B Complex

"Picture B Complex like a beehive, made up of 11 nutrient worker bees, creating and sustaining your body's energy supply by helping to break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The busy B's activities keep heart health and immunity humming and therapeutic doses are also a great treatment for a headache, fatigue, mood, stress and menstrual disorders. With B vitamins involved in so many of the body's operations, it's easy to see how coming up short can easily affect how well you feel on a given day, so treating your body to a B Complex supplement is a virtual no-brainer. This is particularly key if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet which might be short on B's."

About Vitamin B

Vitamin B consists of a complex group of vitamins, from B1 to B17. These water-soluble vitamins may differ chemically but their functions are somehow related. It works best to boost your body’s energy levels, increase your stamina and endurance levels and keep you fit and running from day ‘til night.

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