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What is scabies? Scabies rash, or the seven year itch, is an irritating and persistent itchy scratch due to a parasitic infection. This infectious skin infection is caused by a specific type of mite called Sarcoptes scabiei. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this condition is categorized as water related disease. Like tinea and pyoderma, it is one of the three most common skin diseases prevalent in children.Read more about SCABIES AND HEADLICE range.

Scabies first appears as small red lumps, which turns into rashes over time. Scabies then develops into full-blown itches that cause skin dryness and scaling. An intense itching sensation is often a result of an allergic response to the parasite. If not addressed immediately, it can possibly lead to bacterial infection. Scabies treatment must be immediate as scabies is highly contagious. Antihistamines and topical treatments help manage itchiness.

Headlice are parasitic insects feeding off blood from the scalp and living on the hairs of its host. Most often, school children are found with headlice. The louse and nits (egg lice) are very contagious and they can be difficult to get rid of. This condition must be treated continuously; the best lice treatment with solutions like head lice shampoo and constant combing using fine toothed nit combs. The eggs are very sticky and attach themselves to the hair shaft so combing is very necessary. It is important to break the cycle at egg stage to prevent it from hatching and from maturing into adult lice.

Having head lice can result to itching and scratching. That is why an itchy scalp is a very important warning symptom. The more sensitive the person’s scalp is, the more he feels the annoying itching sensations caused by the lice. Furthermore, scratching can result to sores or small red bumps on the scar. If not treated properly, it can be exposed to bacterial infection.

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