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PRL Reishi Immune 90 Capsules

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Immune Support
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Liver Health
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PRL Reishi Immune 90 Capsules


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    PRL Reishi Immune Reishi is a master eliminator of harmful bacteria such as staph, strep, E. coli and bacillus pneumoniae. Studies show Reishi increases the strength and life span of all the white blood cells, the cells that fight infection. 
    A key element in Reishi is its large amount of organic germanium, up to 2,000 ppm, 6 times more than even ginseng. Organogermanium can dramatically increase the oxygen absorbed by your blood. High oxygenation turns an acid body back to alkaline. Candida and cancer thrive only in an acid body. Organogermanium not only upregulates oxygen but also helps clear toxins. 

    Typically present with candida or cancer are “bad friends,” such as harmful bacteria and viruses. The internal conditions that have allowed the disease to flourish offers a great breeding ground for other undesirables. Research shows that Reishi can stop viruses by helping your body to increase its own production of interferon, a powerful anti-viral substance. In one study, Reishi provided 90% protection to cells even against deadly viruses such as Vaccinia. 

    Reishi has profound effects on the mind. Reishi is well known for its calming and mood-altering effect. That’s why it’s a world-class herb to help clear depression. Impaired liver function, poor nutrition and infection are often at the root cause of depression, anxiety and irritability. Depression can also be caused by food allergies. Research shows Reishi’s dramatic help in clearing food allergies. Reishi revitalizes the blood and helps normalize IgG, an immunoglobulin responsible for triggering many food allergies. 

    Most Reishi currently on the market is commercially grown, solvent-extracted and often the wrong species. Poor quality Reishi will not produce the powerful healing benefits as seen in the research. We found the very best results with wild, mountain grown Reishi from China, unpolluted with chemicals, additives or solvents.


    (500 mg/Vcap; 90 Vcaps/bottle) Proprietary, Quantum-State Blend: Wild, mountain-grown Reishi from China (raw and fermented mycelial extract) (Ganoderma luc.), European Bilberry (fruit) (Vaccinium myrtillus), Self Heal (leaf) (Prunella vulg.), Chinese Golden Thread (rhizome) (Coptis chinensis), Grade 10 Indian Guggul (resin) (Commiphora muk.), Wild-grown Blue Green Algae (whole) (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae), Hyssop (leaf) (Hyssopus off.), Grade 10 Indian Turmeric (rhizome) (Curcuma lon.), Stabilized Rice Bran.

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