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Heel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of homeopathic combination medications.

  • Heel's medications are designed to induce the natural healing mechanisms of the body.
  • They are made of several different natural substances, mostly homeopathically prepared.
  • Thanks to Heel's modern research program, we are also a global player in the field of science-based homeopathic medicine.


What makes Heel special is that we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to medical challenges.  

  • Heel combines homeopathic active substances to create easy-to-use medications.
  • They have taken a good look at the origin and treatment of disease and developed a new way of thinking about it.
  • They call their approach a homeotherapeutic system – following the principle of activating the body’s self-healing processes to bring the organism back into its biological balance.
  • Heel does not see homeopathy and conventional medicine as opposites, but instead have made it their job to build the bridge between them.

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This product is only available for sale in our physical store: 109 Parnell Road, Parnell.

Due to practitioner only product restrictions, information regarding this product cannot be disclosed online. To order/enquire about this product and its availability, please call us on (09)3734485.

The range of Heel products that are available at our store are as follows:

  • Heel - Lymphomyosot Oral Drops 30ml
  • Heel - Traumeel Oral Drops 30ml
  • Heel - Engystol 50 Tablets
  • Heel - Euphorbium Compositum (Nasal Spray) 20ml
  • Heel - Luffeel Nasal Spray 20ml
  • Heel - Lymphomyosot 100 Tablets
  • Heel - Traumeel 50 Tablets
  • Heel - Traumeel Gel 50g
  • Heel - Viburcol Drops 15x1ml
  • Heel - Zeel 50 Tablets
  • Heel - Zeel Compositum 50 Tablets
  • Heel - Mucosa Compositum N 50 Tablets
  • Heel - Zeel Compositum 250 Tablets
  • Heel - Traumeel Ointment 50g