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A burn is an injury resulting from a contact with an extremely hot surface. It typically occurs at home or at work. In fact, burns are among the most common injury at home. It is characterized by extensive damage to skin that may be accompanied by both irritating and burning sensations. Depending on the classification of burn, different areas of the skin and body may be affected. In some cases, blisters may form following the burn injury.

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There are many different types of burns. Heat burns are injuries from very hot liquids, fire or steam. The most common are thermal burns. Meanwhile, cold temperature burns due to exposure to extremely cold temperatures. Chemical burns refer to injuries upon exposure to household chemicals or even industrial chemicals. Injury caused by electrical exposure is referred to as electrical burn.

Burns may also be classified according to the degree of injury. First degree burns affect the skin’s outermost layer, the epidermis. Second degree burn injuries affect until the second layer whereas third degree burns affect all skin layers. Finally, fourth degree burns injure even blood vessels, nerves, tendons. For third degree burns and worse, the injured area may already be

Medical treatment depends on the degree of burn. Burn creams are specially formulated with potent ingredients to speed up the natural healing properties of skin. Burn gel may also be infused with aloe vera or honey to soothe skin. Burn ointments and antibiotic creams may also boost the immune response to fight off infections. Cooling gels offer instant, albeit temporary pain relief from the burning sensation. Consult your doctor regarding the use of pain relief medications.

Currently, skin grafting may be done to repair heavily damaged skin. It is a method that involves replacing burned skin with healthy skin taken from another region of the body.

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