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Notice a painful black and blue mark on your skin? You might be a looking at a bruise. A bruise manifests as a discoloration of the skin, but it actually is an injury. Bruises typically appear blue or dark purple. It feels tender and painful to the touch.

It occurs when a breakage in the blood vessel causes blood to leak outside the vessel. The leakage then seeps into the tissues just under your skin. That’s why bruises can easily be seen.

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What causes a bruise? Usually, a bruise results from hitting a surface or an object too hard. For instance, a bruise may form when you accidentally bump into the edge of a bedside table. Bruises are also common for persons who do strenuous exercise. Heavy exercises may result to tearing in the blood vessels.

What is the treatment for bruises? First, you need to raise the area where the injured skin is. Then, you can apply a cold compress or an ice pack over it. This will promote vasoconstriction to reduce blood flow to area of broken blood vessel. Afterwards, heat compress should be applied. It is also very important to rest the area of bruising. If you are experiencing pain, consult your doctor regarding the intake of pain relief medications.

If there is no tear on the skin, anti bruise cream may be applied on the injured area. With anti inflammatory properties, these gel and cream reduce swelling, ease inflammation and fade the color of the bruise. To some extent, anti bruise gel may also provide pain relief. Anti bruise oil also promote repair of the tissues. Often, these are packed with natural ingredients like calendula, comfrey and other essential oils. Organic ingredients support the natural healing process of the body. Massage oils may also be smoothed over the injured area.

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