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Mouthwash is a solution that is used in oral hygiene. It is formulated to be used as an oral rinsing solution that serves to aid in preventing oral diseases. Mouthwash is not meant to be swallowed, as it contains substances not meant to be consumed. There are many different formulas of mouthwash that are on the market which serve several uses.

What benefits does using a mouthwash provide?

Primarily, mouthwash is normally used as an antiseptic solution. When used in conjunction with toothbrushing and flossing, it can help to decrease the amount of bacteria in the mouth. Along with this, it also acts as a way to remove food particles that may have been stuck in between teeth and gums. By removing these food particles, it can help to combat bad breath and dry mouth. Along with this, it provides a clean, tingly feeling that cannot be achieved by toothbrushing and flossing alone.

Along with being a tool used to reduce bad breath, mouthwash is also specially formulated to combat other mouth problems. They can be formulated to reduce inflammation that could have been caused by oral conditions or oral treatments. Some are also formulated to help with xerostomia, also known as dry mouth. By mimicking saliva, they can help to reduce the feeling of dryness in the mouth.

Are there natural mouthwashes available that don't contain harmful ingredients?

Natural mouthwashes are also available on the market. These tend to contain no alcohol, an ingredient that many commercial products contain as their antiseptic. Mouthwashes can also be made at home; an example of this is the saltwater rinse. This solution mixes salt with warm water that can be used to help relieve dry mouth, reduce inflammation, and also has been shown to help people suffering from a sore throat.

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