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Insect repellents

Getting tired of pesky mosquitoes? Here’s one convenient solution for you and your family! Insect repellents are any substances designed to ward off insects and avoid insect bites. There are different biting insects to protect from: mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, chiggers, and biting fleas. By definition, insect repellents are pesticides, because pesticides are anything that repels and destroys pests. However, there is a misconception that pesticides are only made for killing insects. Read more about Insect repellents range.

In contrast, repellents work by making one look less attractive to pests. These repellents are usually applied on the skin, or on any other surface where mosquitoes and insects normally land. They can be made from natural ingredients or from chemically made ones. Common repellents include essential oils like lemon eucalyptus, catnip oil, citronella oil, and neem oil.

There are different types of insect repellents. There are clip on products with pads; there are lanterns that disperse the repellent; there are table top diffusers, candles, and even coils. There are insect repellents in the form of aerosols, sprays, and sticks, and various liquids like creams.

When choosing the best insect repellent to use, there are a few factors one should consider. One should consider the type of insect, the protection time the product offers, and the active ingredients in the product. One should also keep in mind the type of activity for which he’s going to require the usage of repellents.

By using natural insect repellent, one can protect from mosquito and insect bites and the various diseases that can come from them. There are a lot of deadly diseases that can be transmitted through mosquito bites. One of them is malaria, a disease that has killed over 660, 000 people in 2010 alone. Symptoms of malaria include fever and chills. Another disease is dengue fever, which infects as many as 400 million people yearly and is a leading cause of death in tropical countries. There is also yellow fever, which causes the liver to bleed severely.

Because there are different types of insect repellents, and they are made differently as well, some people might have experience adverse reactions to using repellents, particularly children. Children may suffer from rashes and other conditions having to do with skin irritations. Remember to avoid using repellents on open wounds and cuts, and avoid the areas of the mouth and the eyes. Or, you may also consider wearing insect repellent clothing, especially those with long sleeves.

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