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Although they're small, your toes do more than you think! The feet have twenty six bones and fourteen of those are in the toes, and those digits on your foot are responsible for helping your foot support your weight. They provide the balance you need to keep yourself upright when you walk. However, your toes, like any other part of the body, can be injured or damaged. Toes can be damaged because of physical activities like playing sports and running. In addition, wearing ill-fitting footwear like shoes that are too tight, too narrow, and too loose can also cause toe disorders. Medical conditions like arthritis can also cause toe problems.

Common toe disorders and injuries

There are plenty of common medical conditions concerning the toes. One of them is the development of corns. Corns are small calluses in the shape of their namesake grain, with a mass of dead cells at its center. Another disorder of the toes are ingrown toenails, where the nails grow into the flesh, causing pain and redness. Frequent rubbing of the toes against each other will cause friction and develop into blisters. A prevalent condition that affects the bones of the toes is bunion, which happens when the bones of the big toe move towards the other toes. This causes a bump to form on the side on the big toe and makes walking difficult. The bones of the toes can also be sprained, fractured, or dislocated. A sprained toe will manifest as a bruising and stiffness.

Treatment for common toe disorders and injuries

A person can apply corn removal pads and skin softening creams to their toes to treat corns. To treat blisters, one can use gel pads and gel separators to lessen friction between the toes. For disorders of the toe bones, one can use toe plasters.

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