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Shoe comfort

As the saying goes, spend your money where you spend your time. Spend your money on your bed, spend your money on your phone, and most importantly, spend your money on your shoes! Shoe comfort is all about the 3 F's: Fashion, Fit, and Function. Running or walking shoes don't have to be plain and dress shoes don't have to be uncomfortable. However, it cannot be denied that there might be times when your favourite design doesn't have your size, or times when your favourite pair of shoes won't fit you anymore. When it comes to these cases, don't throw out your kicks just yet!

Products for shoe comfort

There are lots of products available for shoe fitting and shoe comfort. Most insoles are designed to cushion the forefront of the foot for a firmer fit, and to ease the discomfort and pressure applied to the front of the feet and the toes. Similar to normal insoles, sports insoles are made from polyester and include nylon shell for added support and stability. Insoles for women are dual-purpose and made to give comfort to feet that are tired and aching from a long day of wearing high heels.

For the back of the feet, a person can use sling-back strips. Sling-back strips prevent shoe straps from chafing the skin and slipping down the heel. A person can use heel cups, which cradles the heel and supports the back of the feet. Heel cushions, on the other hand, are used under the heel to relieve the pressure and absorb the shock of walking.

As for protecting the toes, a person can use gel toe spreaders, which is applied to the toes to reduce the friction caused by rubbing against each other. Toe sleeve protectors are wrapped around the toes, and do the same thing.

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